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The IS Cream Van - an Information Services presence in Second Life. Croucher & Dozier


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Presented at LILAC 2010

Published in: Education
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The IS Cream Van - an Information Services presence in Second Life. Croucher & Dozier

  1. 1. The IS Cream Van – an Information Services presence in Second Life Marshall Dozier (Pancha Enyme) Barry Croucher (Clint Carpaccio) Denny Colledge (Lulu Quinnell) Fiona Littleton (Frank Lassard) University of Edinburgh Information Services
  2. 2. Holyrood Park, home to the MSc in E-learning
  3. 3. Spaces for learning and discussion
  4. 4. New student induction session
  5. 5. The IS Cream Van menus
  6. 6. Being in the IS Cream Van
  7. 7. Survey respondents • Web-based survey (Bristol Online Survey) • 33 respondents – mostly students (n22) – both studying and working in education (n16) – mostly UK-based (n19) – adults under 26yrs (n1), 26-45yrs (n18), over 45yrs (n13) – mostly female (n21) – most had used SL for more than 1 yr (n21); others had used SL for under 6 months (n8)
  8. 8. Survey themes • “I like the ice cream van! It is fun, functional and exactly what you would find in a beach area.” • “It needs to be kept simple. Only the most important information present with contact information if more info needed.” • “IS should not interfere with the authenticity of the world but be available should students or staff become confused or unable to progress.”
  9. 9. Survey themes • “What I really need is a person to talk to.” • “I think it would be easier to logon to SL and find a staff person there (during office hours of course) to offer some help in real time.” • “I wasn’t aware of the QuestionPoint manned hours until speaking to someone who was manning the IS Cream Van.”
  10. 10. Next steps… • Plan with UofE E-learning tutors support for Second Life programmes in 2010/11 • Run a pilot service • Gather and assess user feedback and staff feedback • Adapt enquiry services?
  11. 11. Our favourite quote! • “I don’t know why the idea of information/library staff in an ice cream van is so much cooler than ‘Ask a Librarian’ online – but it is and I think I’ll make more use of them than I would say an e-mail service – a case where embodiment puts a human face to the service (even if it isn’t their face)!”
  12. 12. Contact details • Barry Croucher SL: Clint Carpaccio • Marshall Dozier SL: Pancha Enzyme Many Thanks to: • Denny Colledge SL: Lulu Quinnell • Fiona Littleton SL: Frank Lassard Wilma Alexander Lorna Cheyne Graeme Eddie MSc E-learning tutors