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Sympathy for the academic: librarians as lecturers - Samantha Aston & Steve McIndoe


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Published in: Education
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Sympathy for the academic: librarians as lecturers - Samantha Aston & Steve McIndoe

  1. 1. Sympathy for the Academic Sam Aston and Steve McIndoe Teaching and Learning Librarians The University of Manchester Library
  3. 3. The Purposes of a Manchester Education To develop critical thinking and higher order conceptual reasoning and analytical skills To challenge and equip students to confront personal values and make ethical judgements To promote mastery of a discipline To prepare graduates for citizenship and leadership in diverse, global environments To broaden intellectual and cultural interests To develop advanced skills of written and verbal communication To prepare graduates for professional and vocational work To promote equality and diversity
  4. 4. Category of outcome Students will (please delete as appropriate) be able to: Knowledge and understanding Investigate and explore the key themes within the ‘digital society’, and examine the ethics of online information use. Explore the skills needed to be an effective and successful digital citizen and apply knowledge of new technologies to solving problems in the real world. Intellectual skills Think critically about information, evaluate online information, practice self-reflection and collaborate across disciplines. Build on existing knowledge using collaboration and problem-solving to address new challenges. Practical skills Find, evaluate and share information across a variety of platforms; understand issues of intellectual property and the ethics of information use and apply learning to academic, personal and professional life. Transferable skills and personal qualities Work collaboratively to build networks and identify solutions to specific real-world problems and tasks, using social media and new technologies to communicate research findings. Develop online communication skills using digital media and demonstrate interpersonal skills through project working in multi-disciplinary teams.
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  7. 7. Course structure
  8. 8. Room Bookings
  9. 9. Feedback from students
  10. 10. The Epilogue
  11. 11. thank you any questions Sam Aston and Steve McIndoe