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“Sudden a thought came like a full blown rose” – reconsidering information literacy at King’s College London - Liz Murray & Graeme Lockheart.


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Poster presented at LILAC 2015

Published in: Education
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“Sudden a thought came like a full blown rose” – reconsidering information literacy at King’s College London - Liz Murray & Graeme Lockheart.

  1. 1. Interactive sessions encouraging independent learning and information literacy principles 1. Quick quiz – to get students thinking about what they might want to know about the Library Service; opening up debate (via Survey Monkey). 2. Self-directed reading with interactive self-test quizzes (via Wimba / Moodle). 3. Real life situations for practice with embedded study skills reading list (via Talis Aspire). 4. In class polling to reinforce key messages (via Poll Everywhere). 5. Quick quiz returns – to debate new learning and anything that surprised them (via Survey Monkey). 6. Tell us what you think – to capture feedback to help develop future teaching practice (via Survey Monkey). “Sudden a thought came like a full-blown rose” – reconsidering information literacy at King’s College London Liz Murray & Graeme Lockheart (Library Learning & Teaching Managers) Summary During summer 2014, King’s College London moved away from traditional subject librarians focusing on specific disciplines. In their place two separate teams were created: one focusing on teaching and information literacy and the other on liaison. This poster explores how this change was used as an opportunity to review: (i) the Library’s information literacy provision for the university, with an aim to incorporate the latest developments in how students learn and engage with library resources; (ii) the ways that academics engage with and request Library information skills sessions, to ensure a more consistent training offering and an improved student experience. Why change our teaching offering? There were many considerations which led to and supported our review of our teaching and training provision: 1. Student feedback requesting more interactivity and post- session support. 2. Increasing student numbers, with more international students who may have differing needs. 3. A growing number of part-time students and distance learners requiring more accessible help. 4. Best practice for learning: different learning styles, hands-on tasks, scaffolding learning, encouraging independent learning skills, personalised learning at student’s own pace with extension activities. 5. Embracing TEL to provide interactive and independent learning in line with the university education strategy. 6. Review of existing provision showed inconsistency. 7. New refocused functional team. Student feedback Students really liked the new blended learning approach: • “Really helpful and explanatory, quizzes were good to force you to read the information and actually have a go rather than just reading theoretical information.” • “it was interactive and easy to follow.” • “The task was informative and effective; really helpful and insightful.” Students were keen for the lecture-based sessions to change: •“Have it as an online course or webpage to go through steps and points, so that people can move through at the speed they need.” •“Make the class more student led by allowing them to search through first and investigate the website, then do competitions to make them involved.” •“[can we have] videos online on searching databases and using EndNote.” The future – an interactive structured portfolio For 2015/16, we have developed five increasing levels of learning for academics to request for their students, as they develop their Library information skills. All sessions will be interactive and accommodate a variety of learning styles. Type of session Method of Interaction Library Overview Short video and Q&A. Library Tour Guided tailored tour; self-service machine and printer demo. Accessing Library Materials Elearning module, Survey Monkey, PollEverywhere. Literature Searching Hands-on small group with complementary elearning. RefWorks or Desktop EndNote Hands-on small group with complementary Subject Guide. To see some of our ideas in practice, why not explore our library subject guides: