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Seizing the opportunity - Woods


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Presented at LILAC 2019

Published in: Education
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Seizing the opportunity - Woods

  1. 1. Seizing the opportunity Creating a Library module on the University’s new Virtual Learning Environment Laura Woods @woodsiegirl Subject Librarian, University of Huddersfield
  2. 2. The opportunity • University of Huddersfield had been using Blackboard VLE for 10+ years • Selected Brightspace as new VLE, piloted in 2017-18 • Rolled out across the University in September 2018
  3. 3. Why was the module needed? • Library pages in Blackboard were inconsistent and under-used. • Students expect support information online, at time of need, and ideally in one place (Bailey & Brown, 2016). • Information hosted outside of the VLE was less likely to be used. • Our induction LibGuide was under used, feedback that students weren’t aware of it. • “why didn’t we know this sooner”
  4. 4. Mapping out topics to cover Project team worked over summer 2018, ready to launch the module in September. Included: • Content from induction presentations • Most used content on existing LibGuide • Most common queries from help desk
  5. 5. Video based learning • Series of short, instructional videos • Used free video creation tools: Powtoon and Adobe Spark • All videos available on our YouTube channel: • All videos subtitled (using YouTube tools) • Removed background music, on advice from Disability Advisor • Text and image included for those who prefer not to watch videos • Example videos: • •
  6. 6. Use of the module • All students (23,000+) are enrolled in the module • 20% have actually visited the module • 3% are “active” users, having completed at least one quiz • Most popular content is how to use Summon, closely followed by how to reference in APA 6th
  7. 7. Who used the module? UG1 45% PGT 30% UG2 10% PGR 6% UG4 5% UG3 4% Year of study Human & Health Sciences 34% Business 24% Education 13% Art, Design & Architecture 11% Applied Science 10% Computing & Engineering 4% Music, Humanities & Media 4% School Users who attempted at least one quiz, broken down by School and year of study
  8. 8. Things people liked… “I found the organisation (easy location) useful.” “The map is particularly helpful as you can easily see where study areas and silent study are.” “Computer availability is also very helpful” “Find out about the APA referencing system” “I also found the short tutorials useful as you can watch and learn what you need without it taking too much time.”
  9. 9. Suggestions for improvement “the quizzes covered too many topics at once which made them over long - and there was a daunting list of them” “I would like the information to be ticked once read like with other modules” “make this module compulsory during induction week” “Possibly a page dedicated to links to training such as Endnote, Word, Nvivo etc.”
  10. 10. Some problems along the way… •Not available at start of term! •Difficulty finding accurate usage stats •Intrusive automated emails
  11. 11. Future plans • More content to add: • academic skills • referencing software • IT training • Promoting via Disability Tutors • Building in to Induction Week
  12. 12. References Bailey, T. L., & Brown, A. (2016). Online Student Services: Current Practices and Recommendations for Implementation. Journal of Educational Technology Systems, 44(4), 450–462. doi: 10.1177/0047239515616956 Robertson, A. (2010). Using the University's VLE to Provide Information Support for Midwifery Students at the University of Bedfordshire. New Review of Academic Librarianship, 16(1), 87-101. doi: 10.1080/13614530903240569 Wells, J., Barry, R. M., & Spence, A. (2012). Using video tutorials as a carrot-and-stick approach to learning. IEEE Transactions on Education, 55(4), 453-458. doi: 10.1109/TE.2012.2187451
  13. 13. Laura Woods Subject Librarian University of Huddersfield Email: Twitter: @woodsiegirl Videos: