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Digital dates - Michelle Schneider


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Digital dates - Michelle Schneider

  1. 1. Digital Dates Michelle Schneider, Academic Skills Development Officer
  2. 2. Today’s session What Digital Dates is and why we started it Our future plans An honest account of what has worked and what hasn’t
  3. 3. What’s in it for you? Replicate Set up your own version of Digital Dates Adapt Adapt the concept by topic or format Inspire Working collaboratively with staff/ students Delivering content in different ways
  4. 4. Our Digital Dates profile Name: Digital Dates Age: 1 year Likes: Digital literacy, technology, sound pedagogy About me: A programme of short, informal workshops that helps both staff and students to develop their digital skills and an awareness of the tools available to support various aspects of their working lives. Looking for… Students and staff to share their experiences and/or find out about other people’s experience of using technology to enhance their learning and teaching. Basic Info Name: Rebecca Dearden (SDDU) Responsibility: Coordinate speakers Name: Jane O’Neil (SDDU) Responsibility: Coordinate speakers Name: Claire Parry (SDDU) Responsibility: Administrator Name: Helen Howard (Skills@Library) Responsibility: Coordinate speakers Name: Michelle Schneider (Skills@Library) Responsibility: Coordinate speakers Name: Pete Sycamore (Skills@Library) Responsibility: Administrator Image by Cali4beach
  5. 5. Why did we start this relationship? Staff picture: Blended learning strategy Lecture capture MOOCS iTunes U OERs
  6. 6. Why did we start this relationship? Student picture: “As 90% of new jobs will require excellent digital skills, improving digital literacy … is a key component for developing effective and employable learners. But many learners enter further and higher education lacking the required skills.” - JISC, 2013
  7. 7. What kind of dates do we offer? Teaching in an online classroom Using social media platforms in learning and teaching Leveraging LinkedIn for career development Saving Face(book): the ethics of social network sites 4Ts (trying tablet technology in teaching) Digital technologies for collaborative research & public engagement Thinking about your online presence
  8. 8. The benefits of speed dating Attendees only had to give up 30 minutes of their time Organised over a lunchtime so people could bring their lunch Presenters more focused on benefits rather than step-by-step guide to using the technology If it wasn’t relevant, people had only given up 30 minutes of their time If it was useful, people could follow up with other courses or information provided after the session Gives people an awareness of a broad variety of topics People more likely to be able to attend multiple short sessions
  9. 9. Who do we attract? 427 attendees Average of 28 per session 75% Staff 15% RPG 6% TPG 4% UG Most popular: Making the most of Twitter (61 attendees) Least popular: Using technology to win campaigns (15 attendees)
  10. 10. How do people feel about us? 97% very or mostly useful “Nicely brief, didn’t drag and covered relevant topics” (Why Blog?) “Maybe more in depth for starting a blog for complete beginners” (Why Blog?) “Very accessible and a lot of content in a short space of time” (4Ts (trying tablet technology in teaching) “It was reassuring to see and hear other’s thoughts and experiences, esp. Michelle’s presentation. I felt a lot happier about my use of Twitter” (Making the most of Twitter)
  11. 11. Do we have a blossoming future? We have a programme planned for next year with topics including “Developing the Digital Scholar” and “Going viral” We are going to adopt a more strategic marketing campaign Ensure titles are both clear and catchy Encourage more students to attend as well as deliver sessions themselves YES