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Russell Kerins & Ryder - Developing reusable learning objects


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Poster Abstract

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Russell Kerins & Ryder - Developing reusable learning objects

  1. 1. Developing reusable learning objects at ITT Dublin via the IrishNational Digital Learning RepositoryPhilip Russell, ITT Dublin, Philip.russell@ittdublin.ieGillian Kerins, ITT Dublin, Gillian.kerins@ittdublin.ieGerry Ryder, ITT Dublin, gerard.ryder@ittdublin.ieThe purpose of this poster is to outline the development of reusable teaching andlearning objects at ITT Dublin which have been funded by the Irish Higher EducationAuthority’s National Digital Learning Repository.Covering the areas of academic research, study skills, referencing and plagiarismthese online tools have proved significant in terms of enhancing the student learningexperience, facilitating the student transition from 2nd to 3rd level and informationliteracy development.Using the poster format, we will present the innovative and active learningexperiences provided by these digital resources. These tools facilitate student learningin an interactive and engaging manner as students are provided with opportunities todevelop, reflect and assess their progress, as they acquire an independent approach tolearning. The resources also integrate the views of and methods used by successfulstudents to support the development of an independent learning style.The poster will outline the instructional design of the learning objects and thechallenges and issues faced by the project teams. The online tools adhere to soundpedagogy, are technically robust and are SCORM 1.2 compliant. They are hosted onthe ITT Dublin library website and have been downloaded to the Institute’s VLE,Moodle, where the object’s quizzes facilitate grading and assessment. The poster willhighlight how these interactive tools have fostered collaborative partnerships and havebeen embedded into academic modules.The presenters will describe the substantial impact that the learning objects have hadon the student learning experience at ITT Dublin and reflect on the variousmechanisms used to measure their effectiveness.The poster will highlight how these tools have promoted best practice in innovativedelivery methods and added value to the wider higher education community in theRepublic of Ireland through their dissemination via the National Digital LearningRepository. Future plans for the ongoing development of reusable learning objects atITT Dublin will also be examined.