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Navigating the future - Cox & Whittard


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Presented at LILAC 2019

Published in: Education
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Navigating the future - Cox & Whittard

  1. 1. Contact Details: UWE Bristol Library Ask a Librarian Service UWE Library Facebook Twitter: UWE Library LinkedIn FBL Librarians Navigating the future Sue Shreeve, Katie Bleathman, Katie Cox, Kelly Whittard, Julie Hamley, Suraya Farah-Gaeta, Steve Hunt
  2. 2. Information Literacy ‘‘Information literacy helps students navigate the transition from school to further and higher education’’ (CILIP, 2018)
  3. 3. What is Future Quest? Part of the National Collaborative Outreach Programme Aims to support the most disadvantaged young people progress to higher education Double the participation of students from disadvantaged backgrounds Increase by 20% the number of students from ethnic minority groups into higher education by 2020 Targeting 997 areas with low levels of HE participation Led by UWE Bristol in collaboration with the University of Bristol, local FE colleges and other local education providers
  4. 4. Library Interventions
  5. 5. How the sessions were run • 2 different schools per session (Year 10) • Amended Academic Skills offer • Engaging, fun and interactive • Encouraging participation • Taster • Note taking • Critical thinking • Hands on • Local cultural knowledge
  6. 6. When is Frenchay Library open? [A] Monday-Saturday 8:00-20:00 [B] All year round, except bank holidays [c] Monday-Friday 7:00-22:00; Saturdays & Sundays 10:00-16:00 [D] It never closes
  7. 7. How many electronic journals and e- books could you access from the UWE Bristol Library Service? [A] More than a million [B] Up to a million [C] Around 250, 000 [D] Around 100, 000
  8. 8. How many people work in UWE Library Services? [A] 227 [B] 1050 [C] 143 [D] 97
  9. 9. Some libraries have an instant chat service for enquiries. What is available at UWE Bristol? [A] Chat is available 9am-5pm all year [B] We don’t offer this online service [C] Chat is always available [D] Chat is available 24/7 in term-time
  10. 10. Year 10 Campus Visit Student Feedback 1. What did you enjoy most about the visit today? 2. What are some of things you learnt from today? Archery Tag 91 What university life is like 39 Climbing 72 Notetaking/SQ3R 31 Zumba 40 How to use a bow and arrow 28 Learning about university life 18 No or Incomprehensible response 20 Lunch 17 Study skills 20 Student Ambassador Q&A 16 How to climb 19 Sport 11 How to play Archery Tag 11 Everything 10 How to Zumba 11 Practical activities 7 About Brunel 11 Academic Taster 5 Creativity/How to be creative 9 Study skills 5 Finance/Costs/How to manage/Loans 9 Learning about sugar/salt 3 The library is always open 6 Mental Health Workshop 3 About the libraries/There are 4 libraries 6 Presenting 3 Sugar and salt content in food 5 Being creative 2 Revision techniques 5 Group work 2 I love Zumba 4 Learning more about university life 2 How to organise and do a successful presentation 4
  11. 11. Reflections Contributes to widening participation agenda Positive experience for staff who volunteered to deliver the workshops Collaborative working with Transition colleagues Promotion of disability support Bridging the gap – how this continues?
  12. 12. What next? • More regular sessions • More informal • Contact with schools • Content • Being realistic
  13. 13. Katie Cox Subject Support Librarian UWE Bristol Email: Telephone: 0117 3287310 Twitter: @uwelibrary Kelly Whittard Subject Support Librarian UWE Bristol Email: Telephone: 0117 3287310 Twitter: @uwelibrary