Murphy & Clarke - 21st century first years


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  • Students digital skillsChanging nature of students in last 10 yearsMore digital skills – facebook, holidays, googleCan access the online world easier, quickerPart of everyday life for a significant no of studentsSeeing different skills and abilities in Library sessions
  • Personal Actualisation and Development through Digital Literacies in Education (PADDLE)
  • Pilot Project with Action research ApproachProject PlanAgreement from PAT and teaching staffQuestionnaire to look at 3 key areas.Up to 60 students initallyConfidential/anonymous/not compulsoryResults to be fed back to facultyDistributed by different staff to eliminate bias and reflection of teachingCooling off period – 1weekClearly states results to develop future sessionsQuestionnaire - Link to copy on eshare???To be carried out in May this year
  • Murphy & Clarke - 21st century first years

    1. 1. Lorna Clarke – NoWAL Operations OfficerSheila Murphy – Edge Hill University Academic LiaisonLibrarian
    2. 2. EDGE HILL SETTING• Small University approx 28,000 students• Nursing Cohort of approximately 150 intake 2 times a year – Sept and April• Embedded Information skills session throughout the 3 year degree programme• Curriculum time given to sessions• Joint working with faculty staff to develop scaffolded skills sessions and greater employability.
    3. 3. The issue• Students can access the technology easier• Need to reflect on what we do that responds to this changing nature of cohorts• Feedback from tutors/student module evaluations• Does this translate to increased digital literacy or just familiarity with online environment
    4. 4. Background• Both studying for the PG Cert Teaching in Higher Education• Professional Interest in Information and Digital literacies• Result of real life issues with student sessions• Final project – decided to combine it all together and do a bit of research
    5. 5. Current Literature• Digital Immigrants v Digital natives• Digital Visitor v Resident• SONUL 7 Pillars• Anytime learning Literacies Environment (ALLE) funded by Jisc (London Met and Uni of West London)• Jisc Wales Paddle Project - Dr Andrew Eynon, coleg Llandrillo
    6. 6. Project• Pilot project / Action Research approach• Timing – not start of academic year, so limited to student groups• Looking at 1st yr skills due to: • Feedback from them • Interested in what skills already had • Need to research before too much intergration/learning
    7. 7. Aims• To examine the development of digital Literacy skills in first year undergraduates• Looking at 3 key areas • Previous skills • Skills gain from Information Skills training • Skills still needed
    8. 8. Methodology
    9. 9. Results• Plan to collate results manually in the 1st instance due to small numbers• Write up results for PG Cert and for submission to Information literacy Journal• Hope to identify trends in skills
    10. 10. Future Plans• Plan to do again in September with bigger cohorts• Include different subject areas• As action research continue reflective cycle and possibly look at different areas• Change and improve Info skills session to fit with student needs!
    11. 11. Questions From us • Is anyone else doing any similar research? • Looking at changing sessions due to increased/changing skills From You?