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Moss & Russell - From Nelson to frogs: creative solutions through student collaboration.


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Poster Abstract

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Moss & Russell - From Nelson to frogs: creative solutions through student collaboration.

  1. 1. From Nelson to frogs: creative solutions through studentcollaborationJayne Moss, Plymouth University, Russell, Plymouth University, search for new ways to communicate and engage with our students is a constantchallenge. A solution we have explored at Plymouth University is to use students’talents and skills to create new resources that speak the same language and are jargonfree and use approaches that are more likely to engage their peers.This paper considers two very different projects that have been developed by thesubject librarian team.1. Collaborating with students to produce short information films for inductionsessions with new students.Final year Media Arts students working on their Collaborative Practice Module arepitched ideas from a range of external sources. Each year the subject librarians presenta concept or area for development to the students. Interested students are selected byinterview and given a brief which they follow to our deadlines. This processresembles the working environment with us acting as the major stakeholders.2. Employing students to create an online tutorial platform and populate it withreusable learning objectsAn initial scoping survey determined students perceptions of librarian-producedcontent resulting in the project team seeking a student-led design approach. Thestudents evaluated potential platforms and open source tools, created content,organised training sessions and produced support material to ensure subject librarianscould continue to develop the site in future.Delegates will hear about the processes the project teams went through and thechallenges of employing students to work on projects. Overall, we had positiveexperiences of collaborating with students on the ventures discussed in this paper andwe have plans for future collaborations. We will highlight the benefits and lessonslearnt from working with students and we are keen to discuss with delegates otherexamples of student-librarian projects.