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Moody & Russell - Encounters of the digital kind.


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Teachmeet Abstract

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Moody & Russell - Encounters of the digital kind.

  1. 1. Encounters of the digital kindJulie Moody, Plymouth University, Russell, Plymouth University, challenges of delivering quality information literacy training to all HE studentsare well documented. Providing training at point of need, to part-time, distancestudents and to large cohorts requires new approaches.In the last year, the team of subject librarians at Plymouth University have created asuite of online interactive tutorials, hosted on a website, known as LiliPad (LearningInformation Literacy in Plymouth Academic Development). Not a new idea in itself,but since September 2011, the team has also started to experiment with usinginteractive tutorials in the classroom environment to improve the delivery ofinformation literacy sessions. To create the tutorials, we wanted to use a system thatwould involve the minimum of outside technical support and could be adapted anddeveloped easily by the librarians themselves, and most importantly, would be fiscallyneutral! As a result, we chose Xerte, developed by the University of Nottingham.A variety of different approaches were adopted by the team in their teaching sessionsfrom using individual tutorials as part of the session to producing a customisedtutorial for a particular group as a session plan. The effectiveness of these approacheshas been evaluated by the use of surveys to gain student feedback and by the use of anassessment delivered by the QuestionMark Perception software.Delegates attending will learn about:• Our reasons for choosing Xerte/QuestionMark Perception• The different teaching methods adopted by the team• Our methodology (teacher and student evaluation and performance measurement)As a result, delegates will be able to see the benefits/pitfalls of this approach to informtheir own practice.