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McGuinn & Munks - Targeted provision: support for researchers at the University of Huddersfield


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Pecha Kucha

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McGuinn & Munks - Targeted provision: support for researchers at the University of Huddersfield

  1. 1. Targeted provision:Support for researchers at theUniversity of Huddersfield Support For Researchers “appropriate provision for our research community” Kate McGuinn & Sarah Munks
  2. 2. Dedicated Web Pages for Researchers
  3. 3. Training Sessions
  4. 4. Training sessions: feedbackReally useful, felt I had no idea all thisa bit rushed. information wasMaybe a full-day freely available forwould be better researchers - thanks Very useful session, good to More time to look meet the library at EndNote please staff for my school A dedicated EndNote will EndNote session be useful but would be useful half an hour is not enough to get to grips with it
  5. 5. Reference Management: EndNote
  6. 6. Reference Management:training feedbackA longer session Hands on exercise is awould be useful very useful part of the session Good to hear about other tools like Zotero Two sessions would be better so we can practice moreTrainers adapted theirmaterial to suit therequests of the group A really usefulwhich was useful tool, will save bags of time, thanks
  7. 7. Reference Management: alternatives
  8. 8. Summon
  9. 9. Promoting Summon
  10. 10. Summon - usage
  11. 11. The Repository
  12. 12. The Repository - usage
  13. 13. The Repository – improving visibility
  14. 14. Purchasing resources for research
  15. 15. The Research Festival
  16. 16. The Research Portal
  17. 17. IT provision for researchers
  18. 18. 25 Research Things Wordle Cloud of tags from
  19. 19. The Convivium
  20. 20. The Future…