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Farmer, MacLean & Corns (2) - How can reading lists be effective information literacy tools?


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Farmer, MacLean & Corns (2) - How can reading lists be effective information literacy tools?

  2. 2. What makes a good list?How do these qualities contribute toinformation literacy and information literacy skills development? Pause the video if you need more time to read...
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  4. 4. m ics a cade Clear O ffer a m plete Pro vi d ly d i vi d e d to co ) rea e p topic by tem plate k, etc d in red and p , wee enr g l icti u r pos topic o ll ed i s ts ve e (e.g. s tu to pre the de n - m e ts - / arl sta r ning RL’s = signposting y! rt t h lea d F it w i es an p o lici teac hing esign a ule d e lis t, mo d have of t h rians ersio n truthCase Li b ra e RL ! One v ce o f s tu d y en t h e so ur (show appro ach se sing l n by Co lin) is g o o Link reading lists to Let s tu d dents subject guides co m m ent Deve , lop s s basics hort o urce w it h on h tutor re res Start later ow t o be ials Ensu e ild u p tter ava ilabl bu and expo build se l i s ts
  5. 5. How can we support academics to engage more fully with readinglist development and incorporatefeatures that develop information literacy skills in to their lists?
  6. 6. Let a it h cade ate w mics r l i b ra know co l labo rian ips - t to s ca what sh f erenOffer mics cur r n of lation t d if acad e n ) p iculu fer - lop re ! P resen s tyle s o S rofe m d esign Deve a ctive e s an d ct (NS ssion al se , b e pro ex ampl spire ! pa e r vice t L s - i n im nc s... u gge s of R e e ry c an s s s si pe ri g ht urce h ig hli Li b ra s es, s o ha ex e & can taba Ide ntif p Dete r m in rar y s, da ade m ic y if m nt ib item c de p E e the l to t he a L&T t ha d va lue s t gro u s tu to li ic in eng p an s add c a dem l age them d a il Su p p o rt nt s sk firs Make read t u de s t ing lis ts si ng s nee d part of in rec ogni op ment Librarian mu s t d iscuss w fo skills & d evel it h s academic th session w hen engag level s (by eir aims, ing ic assessment t academic m of ypes, and s de l i s t ca objectives fo a ck s r their RL vi de he i on o ) c erat a r ly Pr ct? si d ics e bj e o n alleng e tinua l cade m s ts su c e the ch con a g e a g li L g n is E ! tain rs viEnga e ad in R Reco s is TIM Main e cture h eir r ademic w it h l s it h t for ac gue nn el w p io n s d ialo n t c ha t cham di ffere T arge
  7. 7. Summarising good list qualities we’ve seen 7
  8. 8. Summarising good list qualities we’ve seen - ImportanceConsistent logic Mix of Types - Topic/Subjectand sequence Specificity - Time - Assessment (broad or narrow) Structure Resource Selection Destination variety Aligned to theLearning student’s experience Quantity Usability Section notes Study notes List-level guidance - Intro to topic of study Annotation - Expectations or context Importance - Promoting importance of broader reading - Welcome engagement/discussion Library guidance Language tone and cadence 7
  9. 9. Thanks to workshop participants 8
  10. 10. Thanks to workshop participants 8
  11. 11. Concepts and slides created in collaboration• Victoria Farmer, Robert Gordon University (Presenter)• Colin MacLean, Robert Gordon University (Presenter)• Ian Corns, Talis Education Limited (Workshop Facilitator)
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