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Lawbore rocks! Giving students what they want. Allbon


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Presented at LILAC 2009

Published in: Education
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Lawbore rocks! Giving students what they want. Allbon

  1. 1. “Lawbore rocks!” Giving students what they want – Emily Allbon LILAC ‘09
  2. 2. “Having just had a manic term on the CPE just wanted to say thank you for all the work you put into Lawbore - it's phenomenal!” “Lawbore is AWESOME, it really is. Helping lots with the revising.” “I found your tutorial on mooting invaluable and referred it to anyone that has questions about mooting. It is really really well done” “Learnmore is so useful and helpful! Such a support when everything is so new…” “I love the fact the site is completely different to anything else out there: vibrant, stylish, attractive and interesting. Lawbore is totally focused on students.” “Learnmore = a tutor on duty 24 hrs” Great graphics and has a real interactivity feel, the talking guides for law reports and citations are brilliant. Just the right tone of practical information with encouraging personality of your voice. I love the Moots guide - very funny. I have just come across your Lawbore portal and wanted to say how impressive it looks. Very inviting, easy to navigate and informative.
  3. 3. • Academic programmes – LLB, GELLB, GDL, LLM • Office location • Taught and assessed programme for UG’S
  4. 4. Oh man – these students are messed up – how can I help?
  5. 5. Images from law student hell #1 Students getting buried under vast quantities of information
  6. 6. Images from law student hell #2 Reliance on one or two textbooks and not much else….(blinkered to the joys of journals etc…)
  7. 7. Images from law student hell #3 Too many of them… …only one of me!
  8. 8. Images from law student hell #4 Isolation – need for a ‘community feel’
  9. 9. TOPIC GUIDES • Original bit of Lawbore • All courses taught at City represented (plus some extras) • Operated by sliding menu
  10. 10. Topic Guides • Subject intro • Web links • Commentary • Hot docs • City-only filter • RSS feeds • Blogs
  11. 11. Free publisher content
  12. 12. Forum Threads: • Law Chat • Escape Law • Pro Bono • For Sale • Prospective Students
  13. 13. Everything the City Law student needs! Course notices News Key Links E-Library….and more!
  14. 14. • Know-how wiki • Split into categories • Video tutorials • Talking slide shows • FAQ’s • Student-written guidance material
  15. 15. Talking slide shows
  16. 16. Students getting involved…
  17. 17. Challenges? Maisy’s = eating huge bit of chocolate cake without being sick Mine = Getting buy-in from university/law school Inspiring academic staff to get involved Connecting with students Making time for creation of new features Retaining control
  18. 18. Questions?
  19. 19. Image credits • Slide 1 – “Josh's hands at work or is it play?” Lorri37 • Slide 6 – “Head in the Sand” Addictive_Picasso 45/ • Slide 7 – “horse” harrymoon • Slide 8 – “LeAnn's UF graduation 26” thatautguy • Slide 9 – “127 Wednesday – isolation” roujo • Slide 16 – “Bench” y2kninjaa All featuring on