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Landgren Holm Akramy & Wiberg - Does it make any difference? An impact evaluation of the libraries educational activities at Lund University, Sweden


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Published in: Education
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Landgren Holm Akramy & Wiberg - Does it make any difference? An impact evaluation of the libraries educational activities at Lund University, Sweden

  1. 1. Does it make any difference? An impact evaluation of thelibraries’ user education at Lund University, Sweden
  2. 2. The next 15 minutes will deal with• our project – and its methods• the results – but also • some added values – and finally • where we stand today LILAC 2012   Akramy/Holm/Landgren/Wiberg
  3. 3. • Sara Akramy, Bitte Holm, Lena Landgren & Anna Wiberg• Lund University Libraries Faculty Faculty library library Faculty library Faculty library University  Library library Faculty LILAC 2012   Akramy/Holm/Landgren/Wiberg
  4. 4. Why & HowWhy? How?‐ Evaluate the libraries’ user  ‐ 3 faculties and University Library education ‐ Spring 2011‐ Increase quality ‐ Focus group interviews‐ Find out what are the ”factors” ‐ Collecting data that make a difference ‐ Model by Sharon Markless and  David Streatfield (Evaluating the  impact of your library, 2006) LILAC 2012   Akramy/Holm/Landgren/Wiberg
  5. 5. ObjectiveStudents can independently find sources that are relevant to their assignments LILAC 2012   Akramy/Holm/Landgren/Wiberg
  6. 6. Markless’ & Streatfield’s model e.g. Students feel  an increased  Students can independently find sources that confidence in  are relevant to their assignments their own ability to  search for  information e.g. Librarians are  involved in the  planning of the  teaching at  departments e.g.  ‐number of  teaching librarians e.g. Creating  learning  ‐pedagogical  outcomes for libraries’ method user education LILAC 2012   Akramy/Holm/Landgren/Wiberg
  7. 7. Results• Learning and students’ thoughts and experiences• Learning outcomes• Pedagogical methods• Information literacy• The liability issue of information literacy• Contact and integration of library’s user education LILAC 2012   Akramy/Holm/Landgren/Wiberg
  8. 8. Some factors that might make a difference• Library user education is relevant and timely • Library user education is integrated in courses throughout the curriculum• Library strives to meet students’ diversity • Education provides opportunities to practice information literacy• Librarians’ pedagogical competence• Library user education should have the same conditions regarding learning  outcomes and examination as other education• The pedagogical method• Students and teachers are aware of the importance of information literacy• The liability issue of information literacy: Who is responsible for students’ development of information literacy?• Organization and information channels ‐ cooperation and dialogue between  teachers and librarians LILAC 2012   Akramy/Holm/Landgren/Wiberg
  9. 9. Added values LILAC 2012   Akramy/Holm/Landgren/Wiberg
  10. 10. Where we are today• A meeting in February with our library managers to ensure  next step of the evaluation• Keep the way we worked during step 1, but with some time  saving changes• Changes in the environment LILAC 2012   Akramy/Holm/Landgren/Wiberg
  11. 11. Markless’ & Streatfield’s model LILAC 2012   Akramy/Holm/Landgren/Wiberg
  12. 12. Next steps• Formulate targets for each faculty library based on  the information gained from the study• Plan activities to  be implemented autumn 2012 ‐ spring 2013• Re‐evaluation spring 2014 LILAC 2012   Akramy/Holm/Landgren/Wiberg
  13. 13. So, will we prove we make a difference?• Things to consider – Actions taken by the library – Changes in the environment • Together we make a difference! LILAC 2012   Akramy/Holm/Landgren/Wiberg
  14. 14. Thanks! Sara Akramy, Medical Faculty Library Holm, Library of School of Economics & Management Lena Landgren, University Library Anna Wiberg, Faculty of Law Library LILAC 2012   Akramy/Holm/Landgren/Wiberg