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Lambert - SCARLET (special collections using augmented reality to enhance learning and teaching)


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Poster Abstract

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Lambert - SCARLET (special collections using augmented reality to enhance learning and teaching)

  1. 1. SCARLET (special collections using augmented reality to enhancelearning and teaching)Jo Lambert, Mimas, The University of Manchester, SCARLET project (Special Collections using Augmented Reality to EnhanceLearning and Teaching) is pioneering Augmented Reality (AR) using mobile devicesto enhance students’ use of special collections (SC) in libraries; bringing SCs into theage of the app. AR enables students to simultaneously experience the magic ofprimary materials, whilst enhancing the learning experience by ‘surrounding’ theobject with digitised content. Learning and teaching is embedded at the heart of thisinnovative project, ensuring the focus remains on the student experience and not thetechnology.Key to SCARLET development is a methodology that can be easily replicated withinother contexts. This will benefit other special collections, libraries and museums byenabling librarians, archivists and curators to develop AR applications for visitors totheir own institutions.This presentation will introduce the SCARLET project, describe our approach todevelopment, early evaluation activity and creation of an online toolkit to enable thecommunity to develop similar applications.Learning Objectives:Following the session participants will:1. Understand the learner benefits of using Augmented Reality to enhance use ofspecial collections materials in libraries2. Recognise AR’s potential to the wider educational and library community3. Know how to access information, resources, examples and guidance needed toreplicate the work in their own context