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Kurbanoglu - Developing web-based information literacy tutorials: no need to reinvent the wheel


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Pecha Kucha

Published in: Education, Technology
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Kurbanoglu - Developing web-based information literacy tutorials: no need to reinvent the wheel

  1. 1. HUBO: A Web-BasedInformation Literacy Tutorial Serap Kurbanoglu Hacettepe University
  2. 2. Advantages of web-based tutorials• Availability (deliverable on-demand to anywhere, anytime 24/7)• Suitability (allows users to progress at their own pace and place)• Accessibility (multi-platform capabilities)• Affordable training delivery (inexpensive distribution)• Access is controllable• Content is easily updateable• Eliminates obstacles such as lack of adequate resources (personnel, space, equipment, etc.)• Provides opportunities for disadvantaged groups
  3. 3. No need to reinvent the wheel• Numerous packages available• Content is mostly generic• Most are under Creative Commons licence – Reusable texts – Reusable visual material – Reusable interactive games – Reusable tests
  4. 4. HÜBO
  5. 5. Creative Commons
  6. 6. CC Licences
  7. 7. HUBO• A web-based information literacy instruction program developed for Hacettepe University• Purpose of the program is to equip students with IL skills• © Hacettepe University• Based on Western Michigan University Web-based IL program Searchpath (Searchpath is mainly based onTexas Üniversity IL program TILT)
  8. 8. Target group• Undergraduate students• Anyone who needs IL training – Postgraduate students – Faculty
  9. 9. Modules• Information sources and general features of libraries• Search techniques• Hacettepe University Library Catalog• Databases• Searching on the Web and evaluating Web sources• Ethical issues
  10. 10. Components of modules• Learning outcomes• Visual material• Games• Tests (multiple choice)
  11. 11. Components of modules
  12. 12. Games
  13. 13. Games
  14. 14. Technical requirements• A computer & an Internet connection• Internet Explorer or Mozilla FireFox• Adobe Flash Player 8.0
  15. 15. Access & use
  16. 16. Interface
  17. 17. Graduation & evaluation
  18. 18. Project group• Project Manager S. Serap Kurbanoğlu, Department of Information Management• Coordination Support Buket Akkoyunlu, Faculty of Education• Content Development S. Serap Kurbanoğlu, Department of Information Management Umut Al, Department of Information Management Yurdagül Ünal, Department of Information Management• System Design R. Orçun Madran, Department of Information Management• Instructional Design Selay Arkun, Faculty of Education Turgay Baş, Faculty of Education• Graphical Design N. Erol Olcay
  19. 19. Thanks Serap Kurbanoglu