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Preparing our users for digital life beyond the institution - Brian Kelly & Jenny Evans


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LILAC 2014 Poster

Published in: Education
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Preparing our users for digital life beyond the institution - Brian Kelly & Jenny Evans

  1. 1. The question: What institutional support is available if staff are made redundant and wish to continue to make use of IT? This was the question Brian Kelly faced after receiving his redundancy letter in April 2013. Is support for Cloud services being addressed? A third of respondents had an institutional Information Literacy policy. But of those that do, only 15% stated that it covered Cloud service – only 6 of the 85 responses! Furthermore only 2 institutions have an IL policy which addresses the needs of those who wish to use Cloud services when they leave the institution! A lack of consensus A diversity of attitudes towards support for use of Cloud services exists. Given options of lack of resources, time or expertise 85% of respondents chose “It’s not our responsibility”! But whose responsibility is it? To put it another way “Are librarians enablers of life-long access to digital technologies or custodians of institutional services?” An Information Literacy policy will help ensure that staff and researchers as well as students have the life-long skills required to make use of IT systems beyond those provided by the institution. Preparing our Users for Digital Life Beyond the Institution We received 89 responses to a survey, mainly from the UK but also from Australia and North America. Over 96% of responses were from librarians. Survey and analysis by Brian Kelly, Cetis and Jenny Evans, Imperial College London. For further information see Assumption The Evidence The Issue The Findings Not the Librarian’s Job?