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Kagedal, Wiberg, Vidlund & Waren - Project: Mobile Academics (teachmeet abstract)


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Kagedal, Wiberg, Vidlund & Waren - Project: Mobile Academics (teachmeet abstract)

  1. 1. Project: Mobile AcademicsAnna Kågedal, Uppsala University Library, anna.kagedal@ub.uu.seNinna Wiberg, Uppsala University Library, ninna.wiberg@ub.uu.seLinda Vidlund, Uppsala University LibraryEbba Warén, Uppsala University LibraryFor several years, librarians at Uppsala University have been working with variousmethods to better “market” the digital resources provided. Since our users arebecoming more mobile, the time has come for us to try to create a better academicenvironment on mobile devices.Aim: • To market the library’s e-resources and raise the usage statistics. • To provide opportunity for professional development for the librarians • To show our patrons what sort of support we can offer as librarians. • To contribute to a better research climate.Target groups:Researchers, and students at Uppsala University.What did we do?Fall 2012 we examined all groups that were receiving any kind of teaching from theinvolved librarians, to investigate how the situation regarding access to mobiledevices was. By using a simple mentometer technique, we estimated that 95% of thestudents owned smartphones, and roughly 15% owned tablets. Hardly anyoneowned an e-book reader.We saw the questioning session in itself as a marketing practice for our e-resources,since these questions opened a natural way to talk about our electronic resourcesand how to use their devices academically. However, we decided to put togethersomething more targeted towards students and researchers at Uppsala University.Hence the seminar “Mobile Academics”.During the fall we have given 2 seminars, with the following content: • E-books – how we choose them and why there are no Swedish course books • Demonstration of one e-book provider – how to use their books etc. • Demonstration of pdf-readers and apps for note taking – for Android and iProducts • Roundup about the futureWhat happens next?Spring term 2012 we will continue to deliver these seminars on various locations oncampus AND to our Mobile Academic/Mobile Student we will add Mobile Librarianand target our colleagues as well.