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Johansson & Wernbro - Learning by teaching (teachmeet abstract)


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Johansson & Wernbro - Learning by teaching (teachmeet abstract)

  1. 1. Learning by teachingChristina Johansson, Chalmers University of Technology,christina.johansson@chalmers.seMona Wernbro, Chalmers University of Technology, mona.wernbro@chalmers.seChalmers library began teaching information literacy in the 1970s. Since then wehave tried different course structures, first face-to face, then online in a VLE (VirtualLearning Environment) and for the last three years blended courses. A survey amongthe students after a year with blended learning showed that they preferred classroominstructions and that the online module was too difficult and lacked the possibility ofinteraction and discussions with a teacher. After these results we decided totransform the course and it is now divided into three parts:Part one consists of a face-to-face lecture in information literacy skills and aworkshop where the students search material for their own project.Part two is a group assignment that the students prepare before attending Part three.The course materials they need for the assignment are available in a VLE. Theassignment is divided into three parts. The students are asked to A) … describe howthey planned their information retrieval, chose search tools, conducted their searchesand evaluated the result. B) … show how to cite different sources. C) … choose onedocument and describe what kind of document this is (journal article, book chapter,conference article etc.) and define if it is scholarly or not.Part three is a face-to-face workshop based on the pedagogical theory “Learning byteaching”. The different groups present a short lecture to the class about theirfindings based on their projects. The teacher also gives a lecture on how to evaluateand how to cite. The objective of this part is to let the students’ questions and needsform the class.This TeachMeet will present the outcome of this new way of teaching. It will considerthe feedback given by students attending the course as well as the experiences fromthe teachers’ point of view.