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Jadefrid - From face-to-face to online to blended learning


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Poster Abstract

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Jadefrid - From face-to-face to online to blended learning

  1. 1. From face-to-face to online to blended learningMauritza Jadefrid, Chalmers University of Technology,mauritza.jadefrid@chalmers.seIn recent years, Chalmers Library has noted significant changes in the students’information literacy skills and needs. In order to meet these changes we have decidedto adjust and update our IL courses to include both face-to-face and an online module.Chalmers Library has offered IL courses for decades. Initially the course was face-to-face teaching. When the number of students exceeded our capacity in 2002, weconverted the material to an online course in hope of saving time. However, wequickly learned that an online course is just as time consuming as traditionalclassroom teaching. Both students and librarians also felt they lost importantinteractions and discussions. After a few years with an online module only, wedeveloped a blended course which includes both face-to-face and online learning.This combination gives us the opportunity to meet the different needs of our studentsand their ways to learn.After a year of blended learning, we surveyed our students to learn more about theirexperience with the course. The results revealed that most students preferred atraditional classroom setting. In addition, many students commented that the onlinemodule was too difficult, time consuming and lacked a teacher. Furthermore, thesubject IL was new and they felt it was presented too late in their education.The results have given us new challenges: How do we change the online course andmake it more meaningful for the students? We also discuss how the library can be anobvious support for students during their entire education at Chalmers. Ideas we arecurrently working with include:• We want to make the online course more interactive by using different media toconnect with the students such as transforming text to film, using games and quizzes.• Find ways to increase cooperation with teachers and work to integrate IL in regularcourses offered at Chalmers.At this point, we will continue to offer a blended learning IL course and focus on howto meet students increasing IL needs.