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i-Skills in the workplace: assessing and meeting staff development needs. Conroy


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Presented at LILAC 2008

Published in: Education
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i-Skills in the workplace: assessing and meeting staff development needs. Conroy

  1. 1. i-Skills in the Workplace: assessing and meeting staff development needs
  2. 2. What are i-Skills? "The ability to identify, assess, retrieve, evaluate, adapt, organise and communicate information within an iterative context of review and reflection"
  3. 3. Background - previous JISC projects Student & staff skills Big Blue, Big Blue connect 2005 i-Skills model & publications 2006 Netskills Research, workshops and self-evaluation tool Leeds and Loughborough Universities Exemplifying the i-Skills model in specific job roles Exploring implications for staff development 2007 Netskills funded to Prepare self-evaluation for online conversion Run a series of workshops for staff development
  4. 4. Key Issues for Staff Development Skills gaps Defining i-Skills i-Skills not adequately addressed Fragmented provision and poor take-up How to identify needs How to meet needs
  5. 5. But… High level of interest Skills reflection welcomed "I found the course very interesting and useful, at least in terms of opening my eyes to the need for more skills development in this area" Staff development must focus on individual needs Opportunities for partnership in meeting needs
  6. 6. 2007 Workshop Programme "i-Skills and Staff Development: are you doing enough?" 8 workshops around UK, 87 attendees from HE and FE Charge of £45 to attend Job role: Administration 6 Learning Support 5 Management 14 Library 18 Staff Development / Training 28 Teacher / Lecturer 5 Other 2
  7. 7. Identifying Development Needs The challenge i-Skills encompass a wide range of skills/abilities Staff use information in varied ways How to assess these varied needs? Identify different levels of need Needs across a team / for particular roles Audit information needs for job role? Generic needs for all staff Individual needs Integrate with existing staff development processes
  8. 8. The i-Skills Online Self-Evaluation Individualised, reflective and developmental Features: Defined i-Skills / behaviours Examples & brief tutorial content Self-ratings & job profile Guidance on opportunities for development Summary Institutional use Training needs analysis Appraisals / Professional Development Reviews
  9. 9. Meeting Development Needs Audit existing staff development provision i-Skills often embedded in other topics Provision may be fragmented across institution Identify related areas 'Gateways' to time management, networking and teamwork How will gaps in provision be met? Not just short courses… Who will meet these gaps? Opportunities for partnership
  10. 10. Strategies - an i-Skills Framework
  11. 11. Workshop Programme "A useful workshop helping to boost initiatives required at my college." "Useful additional information to preliminary i-skills workshop attended last year. Intend to take ideas forward with admin and clerical team this semester in prep for next academic year." "Very thought-provoking and inspiring. I hope there are further workshops/information regarding this area as it would be very interesting to see how it grows and evolves." "A really useful workshop. I've got lots of ideas for going forward with this: just got to put them into practice!"
  12. 12. Issues Differences between HE and FE Need for practical examples and good practice Auditing i-Skills provision Drivers / marketing Terminology and 'visibility' of i-Skills Self-evaluation tool
  13. 13. What next? i-Skills are dead? Long live i-Skills!
  14. 14. References Netskills information skills projects JISC i-Skills publications AUA Perspectives article: H. Conroy, 2007, "Skills for the Information Age" Vol.11, No.1. e-Staff Development project case study (Select Project Outputs > Case Studies) Big Blue & Big Blue connect