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Identifying and facilitating a community of practice in IL - McCluskey Dean


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Presented at LILAC 2019

Published in: Education
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Identifying and facilitating a community of practice in IL - McCluskey Dean

  1. 1. Identifying and facilitating a community of practice in information literacy Clare McCluskey Dean @claremcdean DInfSc project via Robert Gordon University Supervisor: Dr Konstantina Martzoukou
  2. 2. Scattered puzzle pieces next to solved fragment by Horla Varlan. Available under CC BY 2.0 from The project
  3. 3. Research objectives 1. To explore the terminology, meanings and values assigned to information literacy in different academic subject areas in year 1 (level 4) of undergraduate programmes at York St John University
  4. 4. Research objectives 2. To establish whether there is already evidence of the emerging forms of information literacy (social construction of information literacy (Lloyd 2010) and critical information literacy (Elmborg 2012)) in the practice of academics at York St John University, or if the foundations for their growth can be established.
  5. 5. Research objectives 3. To examine how academics experience and evaluate information literacy in their teaching practices and to ascertain whether there is common ground in information literacy provision already embedded in the curriculum in these programmes. i.e. the basis for a community of practice.
  6. 6. Research objectives 4. To implement and evaluate a platform for information literacy dialogue amongst staff at YSJ a. to promote the evolution of collaborative information literacy provision in line with emerging theories, b. to improve the researcher’s own practice.
  7. 7. Information literacy: skills, landscapes and critiques Rocky Mountains Landscape. Copyright Clare Dean.
  8. 8. The literature • Information literacy as a contested concept • Critical research skills described in professional literature • Theory of Communities of Practice • Concepts of social learning and learning communities in education
  9. 9. Methodology Pragmatic approach Action research Case study Mixed methods: exploratory sequential
  10. 10. Data collection • Pilot phase • Interviews • Survey • Other feedback
  11. 11. Results • Common practice in traditional info lit • Some evidence of emerging info lit • Difference between academic schools • Basis for Community of Practice
  12. 12. The community of practice
  13. 13. The community of practice • What next? • Do you have anything similar in your workplace? • Can you see value in sharing experiences and resources?
  14. 14. References ELMBORG, J., 2012. Critical information literacy: Definitions and challenges. In: C. WETZEL WILKINSON and C. BRUCH eds., Transforming Information Literacy Programs: Intersecting Frontiers of Self, Library Culture, and Campus Community Chicago: Association of College and Research Libraries, pp. 75-95. LLOYD, A., 2010. Information literacy landscapes : information literacy in education, workplace and everyday contexts. Oxford: Chandos. WENGER, E., 1998. Communities of practice : learning, meaning, and identity. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  15. 15. Clare McCluskey Dean Academic Liaison Librarian York St John University Email: c.mccluskey- Telephone: 01904 876324 Twitter: @claremcdean Dr Konstantina Martzoukou Teaching Excellence Fellow Robert Gordon University Email: Telephone: 01224 263838 Twitter: @dinamartz