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Hensley - Think like a librarian: best practices for offering open workshops


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Teachmeet Abstract

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Hensley - Think like a librarian: best practices for offering open workshops

  1. 1. Think like a librarian: best practices for offering open workshopsMerinda Kaye Hensley, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,mhensle1@illinois.eduAn increasing number of libraries are revisiting the open workshop, a kinestheticlearning opportunity for the academic community that positions the library to assistusers in constructing advanced research and information management skills. Openworkshops can maximize the teaching strengths of your librarians, provideopportunities to collaborate with partners outside the library, and strengthenrelationships with your users. Workshops can also cover myriad interdisciplinarytopics that cannot be fit into traditional course-integrated library instructions sessionsincluding citation management, data services, copyright, authors rights, scholarlycommunication, developing presentation skills, current awareness tools, discovery ofgray literature and much more. With a focus on fostering lifelong information literacyskills, open workshops offer an environment where users can model how to "thinklike a librarian." By employing a strategic marketing initiative coupled with activelearning that embraces the teachable moment, open workshops can give our users yetanother reason to turn to librarians during the complicated research process. Using thesuccessful model of workshops from the Savvy Researcher series, this TeachMeetpresentation will examine best practices for creating in-person workshops that arecomplemented by online learning experiences.