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Hagstrom, Kendall, Hough & Bisrat - Health literacy instruction abroad: planning and reality (poster abstract)


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Hagstrom, Kendall, Hough & Bisrat - Health literacy instruction abroad: planning and reality (poster abstract)

  1. 1. Health literacy instruction abroad: planning and realityCarla Hagstrom, Gerstein Science Information Centre, University of Toronto,carla.hagstrom@utoronto.caSandra Kendall, Mt. Sinai Hospital, Toronto, skendall@mtsinai.on.caJeanna HoughAlemayehu BisratIn October, 2011, a team of four medical librarians (two from Toronto, Ontario,hospitals, one from the University of Toronto, and a guest lecturer from the USA)travelled to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for two weeks as part of the Toronto Addis AbabaAcademic Collaboration (TAAAC) Library Science program with the objective ofimproving the clinical skills of Addis Ababa University (AAU) librarians and libraryworkers by offering train-the-trainer instruction sessions. The group held all-dayworkshops on medical and health literacy training, as well as web design andauthorship, for 140 participants: librarians, physicians, nursing students, and faculty.Planning the trip and the courses was a huge group effort, both in Toronto and AddisAbaba.Planning started over a year in advance, beginning with grant applications. Work onproviding course content took a number of University of Toronto and Toronto hospitallibrarians several months to finish. The team sought giveaways from a number ofvendors over the spring and summer prior to the trip.At the time of this writing (November, 2012), the three Toronto librarians are in AddisAbaba for the second year, for further information literacy transfer.The poster reflects the work involved in getting ready for the trip on a personal level(cultural information meetings, inoculations, visas, passports, packing), on sitelogistics, planning the course content (training manuals, course outlines), and thereality of making daily (or hourly) changes to the agendas.