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From local to global: sharing good practice in information literacy - Nancy Graham, Jane Secker, Darren Flynn & Siobhan Burke



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From local to global: sharing good practice in information literacy - Nancy Graham, Jane Secker, Darren Flynn & Siobhan Burke

  1. 1. From local to global: sharing good practice in Information Literacy Nancy Graham, Ella Mitchell, Jane Secker, Darren Flynn and Siobhan Burke LILAC – 24th April 2014
  2. 2. Why share Information Literacy resources via a CoP?
  3. 3. Librarians as OER advocates • Leading by example • Gaining new expertise by adapting and sharing our own materials • Builds on core librarian skills: licensing, copyright, finding quality resources (information literacy) • Highly established profession with strong networks
  4. 4. OER Research Hub Survey • Run in November/December 2013 by Dr Beck Pitt from the OER Research Hub • Over 300 librarian respondents • Headline statistics…
  5. 5. Top three challenges for using OER • Knowing where to find resources • Finding resources of sufficiently high quality • Finding suitable resources in my subject area Other considerations: • Not having enough time to look • Technology problems • Finding up to date resources
  6. 6. Top three reasons for selecting one particular OER over another • The resource being created or uploaded by a reputable/trusted institution or person • The resource being relevant to my particular interests/needs • The resource having a Creative Commons license Other considerations: • Evidence of popularity The being recently created Having previously used this resource successfully Lots of detail of how to use the resource, learning objectives etc. Easy to download
  7. 7. Top three purposes for using OER in context of Librarian role • To help find available content for learning, teaching or training • To get new ideas and inspiration • To enhance respondent's professional development Other consideration: • To stay up to date in a topic area • Broaden resources available to my users/supplement existing resources • To broaden my teaching methods
  8. 8. How can we make this happen? • Developing online communities/a community of practice? ▫ Building librarian OER advocacy role? ▫ Online activities to encourage participation/contribution ▫ Comms channels? ▫ Other CoP functions ▫ Face to face events? ▫ Support from international organisations?
  9. 9. Feedback • In Finland: seminar in sharing best practices - doubts about collecting material in one place as don't keep up to date. Sharing ideas is useful • New Zealand - online hub for IL. Academics want a collection of IL resources to pick and choose. But should it be open access or just one institution? • Czech Republic - IL group share resources and tips. Need to update materials regularly - time consuming
  10. 10. CoPILOT Committee • Sub-group of CILIP IL Group • Set up in November 2012 • Aim: to support UK librarians in sharing openly • Two events at University of Surrey and Glasgow Caledonian University Get involved! • Mailing list • Twitter: @CoPILOT2013 • Website:
  11. 11. Where next? •More training events for 2014/2015 •Work on the online CoP •Various conferences including OER14, HEA conference, Library Instruction of the West, Portland, July
  12. 12. Jorum’s Information and Digital Literacy Skills collection
  13. 13. Improving discoverability and description:
  14. 14.
  15. 15. Group discussion • If you are not sharing, why not? • What are the barriers to sharing? • What support do you need? What would motivate you to share?
  16. 16. If not sharing, why not?
  17. 17. Barriers to sharing
  18. 18. Support for sharing • Schools - TES - area for sharing IL? But should we separate this out as librarians area or use teachers area? • Too many platforms? People not using existing platforms • Out of date material on platforms, too large • Sharing with a local community or same subject domain a benefit • Skillswise for sharing FE English/maths resources- some IL there. • Scottish Government resources - shared via a blog • Signposting exercise - this would be useful • Support in confidence building, support for the platform, support for changing your workflows • Workflows - look at offline practices to model the community - how do we do this. Person to person, making connections
  19. 19. Contact details • Nancy Graham ▫ ▫ @msnancygraham • Jane Secker ▫ ▫ @jsecker • Siobhan Burke ▫ • Darren Flynn ▫

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