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Gleeson - Meeting the needs of distance learners: the creation of an interactive resource pack for library inductions


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Gleeson - Meeting the needs of distance learners: the creation of an interactive resource pack for library inductions

  1. 1. Meeting the needs of distance learners: The creation of an interactiveresource pack for library inductionsCharlotte Gleeson, University of Chester, the UK, higher education is increasingly becoming more competitive,particularly with the arrival of increased fees from 2012. As a result, over the past fewyears the University of Chester has ran programmes in other countries includingDublin and Mumbai to raise its research profile and meet the needs of the market.Students on these distance learner programmes have the same rights with regards toonline library resources as those studying at Chester. One of the main problems thathas arisen from this has been how to induct the students and show them the wealth ofonline library resources available to them.The presentation will focus on an initiative at the University of Chester that looked atdeveloping a new approach to inducting students at a distance. In September 2011, theApplied Sciences and Social Science library subject team at the University created aresource pack for students on distance learner programmes in other countries with anaim to improve the student experience during induction. The resources pack consistedof an interactive tutorial DVD and a resource CD containing information on how toaccess the library resources the students would need for their course. This packreplaced previous methods of induction such as printed hand-outs and workbooks. Itwas hoped it would be a more personable and accessible method of inducting thestudents into the library at a distance. The presentation will examine the rationalebehind creating the resource pack and will look at the benefits and challengesinvolved in creating the content including compatibility issues with the format of theDVD. It will consider the feedback received from students regarding the resourcespack and areas for potentially developing the project in the future.