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Extending the reach and learning new skills: IL the web conferencing way. Foster Jones


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Presented at LILAC 2008

Published in: Education
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Extending the reach and learning new skills: IL the web conferencing way. Foster Jones

  1. 1. Extending the reach and learning new skills: IL the web conferencing way Juanita Foster-Jones and Katharine Reedy
  2. 2. The Open University Library • Serving 8000 dispersed Associate Lecturers (ALs) • Online resources embedded in courses The challenge: supporting ALs in their development
  3. 3. Why web conferencing? • Something that would replicate face to face experience • Interactivity is key • Ability to demonstrate online services • Distance becomes immaterial
  4. 4. Core functionality • Application share • Whiteboard • Survey • Agenda builder • Voting buttons • Voice over IP • Text chat A demonstration…
  5. 5. What we were investigating • Whether the medium was appropriate • What skills the trainers needed • Cost benefit comparison to face to face • What the users thought
  6. 6. Designing sessions Early sessions • Limited interactivity • Limited use of tools –Application share –Text chat –Voting buttons Later sessions • Increased interactivity • Hands on practice • Increased use of tools –Application share with mark-up –Drawing tools –Surveys
  7. 7. Impact of learning design 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Introduction Blogs and Wikis Overall Excellent Good
  8. 8. Evaluation Results Behaviour Learning Reaction Kirkpatrick (1994)
  9. 9. Reactions: System Rating Centra E-meeting 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 Ease of use Suitability for delivering training Supporting interaction Excellent Good Fair Poor
  10. 10. Reactions: Presenter Rating the trainer 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 Response to questions presentation skills handouts Pace/level Excellent Good Fair Poor
  11. 11. Learning I now have a plan of action to utilise the information and skills demonstrated which will help develop my research skills. [AL] I found it particularly useful that Helen helped me to ‘cut through the jargon’…and I now feel more like having a browse to find some interesting articles! [Student]
  12. 12. Behaviour: 6 month feedback • Low response rate 13 ALs in total • 45% reported a noticeable or significant change in confidence using library resources • Change in practice –I’m now very proactive in advertising the library’s resources to my students. [AL 1] –More focused advice to students. [AL 2] –More likely to use the library resources than before now that I know my way around a bit. [AL3]
  13. 13. Impact on the practitioner • Supporting reflective practice – peer observation • Action learning • Developing training skills Kolb learning cycle
  14. 14. The future • Benchmarking • Roll out • Helpdesk – look at potential for student support The goal: Extending our reach to our users… wherever they are
  15. 15. Centra Interface
  16. 16. Tool bar buttons…
  17. 17. Application share
  18. 18. Application share
  19. 19. Survey