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Expert engagement: practical researcher digital literacy provision at City - Diane Bell


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Presented at LILAC 2016

Published in: Education
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Expert engagement: practical researcher digital literacy provision at City - Diane Bell

  1. 1. Expert engagement: practical researcher digital literacy provision at City Diane Bell Research Librarian, City University London
  2. 2. Overview • Questionnaire & Library Researcher Development Programme. • Blog & digital literacy case study resource. • Digital literacy workshop informed by researcher inputs. • Patron-driven acquisition influencing IL. • Research-based practice.
  3. 3. Library researcher training questionnaire (2014) All categories have good responses. The most popular was strategic literature searching (72%); managing your references (65%). The “digital researcher” least popular but is important. Open access workshops were not heavily attended although OA is useful.
  4. 4. Library training formats responses • 33333 All formats popular. • Research webpages rated highest (53%), we now have these. • Onlin Online learning for researchers is still a challenge.
  5. 5. Library Researcher Development Programme • University Researcher induction • Library services for researchers • Managing your references - Introduction to RefWorks • Strategic literature searching • Making an impact: citation searching and impact factors • Open access, online repositories, finding theses • The digital researcher, using social media tools to create an online presence • Evaluating resources, keeping up to date and news sources
  6. 6. Citylibresearchers blog
  7. 7. Practical case study resource
  8. 8. Case study : Research student Profile: LIS Research student, 3rd year, multi-disciplinary topic, works part-time in an academic library. Databases: LISTA, LISA and JSTOR. Libraries used: SOAS, Senate House, British Library, public libraries. Tools used: Mendeley, Figshare, RefWorks, Nvivo. Social media/ blogs: Twitter, Tumblr,, research blogs Advice: Connecting with others, using social media for feedback, always follow up citations in papers.
  9. 9. Online personal ‘newspapers’ as research
  10. 10. Digital research apps used by City research student BrowZine (journal browsing app) Feedly (feed reader) Twitter Evernote (notes, photos) – favourite app Pocket (PDF reading app) One Drive Kindle app (reading) Dropbox (storage) Mendeley (reference management app)
  11. 11. IL workshop: Building an online profile using social media & employability
  12. 12. Read for Research – Patron Driven Acquisition #readforresearch
  13. 13. Research student feedback to inform IL “Library support for research students has been excellent. I was especially impressed with the #readforresearch campaign.” reading-list/ “Deepening research on info behaviour McQueen & The House of Worth, thanks to #readforresearch @CityUniLibrary #citylis #fashion.” “Big thanks to @CityUniLibrary #readforresearch scheme, which has helped keep my reading up to date.” “Quick and personalised service.”
  14. 14. Researching the researchers • Undertaking an MA research project - Factors which influence the digital literacy of research students. • Literature review, Survey Monkey survey and qualitative interviews with research students. • Hope to inform future IL workshops & training.
  15. 15. Conclusion • Key message: Research- Engage-Change. • Research students have much to offer in terms of knowledge & skills. • A University wide doctoral programme is desirable. • Different engagement methods are advisable. • Use case studies, researchers’ topics & interests to enhance IL. • Future: research-based practice: digital literacy.
  16. 16. Thank you, any questions, discussion points, engagement ideas? Researcher guide Researcher case study resource Employability guide Epistemology of Cool Daily @dianelouisebell