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Developing librarians as teachers to enhance the learner experience. Stubbings, Myhill & Bent


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Presented at LILAC 2010

Published in: Education
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Developing librarians as teachers to enhance the learner experience. Stubbings, Myhill & Bent

  1. 1. SirLearnaLot Moira Bent – Newcastle University Jo Myhill – University of Bedfordshire Ruth Stubbings – Loughborough University
  2. 2. Format of morning • You and teaching – throughout session • What is SirLearnalot • How the course was designed • Piloting SirLearnaLot • Reflection & way forward
  3. 3. SirLearnaLot is: An online tutorial that aims to promote and disseminate effective teaching, learning and assessment of information literacy It is based on EduLib
  4. 4. Partners Funded by HEA ICS & CILIP CSG IL Group Partners Authors Tutors Bedfordshire Moira Bent Moira Bent Loughborough Debbi Boden Jo Myhill Newcastle Ginny Franklin Ruth Stubbings Northamptonshire Chris Powis Worcester Ruth Stubbings
  5. 5. Project management • funding used for project assistant NOT authors and project manager • communication – one face-2-face meeting – rest via email & telephone • project delayed due to: – personal issues – work loads – project assistant getting another post
  6. 6. Creation • written in html • re-use of existing material, e.g. links to websites, e.g. YouTube
  7. 7. Creation • quizzes using hot potatoes & functionality in Moodle
  8. 8. Content Tools for learning Information literacy Learning styles Planning a learning event Delivering a learning Resources to support learning Assessing your learners Evaluating your teaching
  9. 9. Learning activities • reading • analysis • collaboration through: – discussion lists – wiki • personal reflection: – learning journal – case scenarios from own teaching • creation of teaching & learning materials
  10. 10. Activities
  11. 11. Activities • discussion forums • wikis • reflective journal
  12. 12. Participants Participants in pilot come from a range of institutions: – Huddersfield University – London School of Economics – Loughborough University – Newcastle University – Oxford University – University of Worcester – University of Bedfordshire
  13. 13. Delivery 18 weeks long (break for Xmas) –induction –delivered in online via Moodle –8 units, plus welcome unit –time released –two weeks for each unit
  14. 14. Evaluation • questionnaires – pre-course – short after each unit – post-course • analysis of: – discussion forums – wiki entries – reflective learning journals • focus groups
  15. 15. How it went • time • learning activities • content • communicating in a public forum • motivation & engagement • librarians as teachers
  16. 16. Time • timing of pilot • length of each unit • amount of “stuff to do” in each unit • dedicating time to study
  17. 17. Sound bites - Time “Fitting in the work for the first module around my normal workload has been quite a challenge and it has required more time than I initially thought it would.” “Concerned at the amount of time this could take - working part-time so already limited time wise to do a job that could incorporate longer hours”
  18. 18. Sound bites - Time “Okay been doing this for about 2 hours - have flicked through the other activities that need to be done and finding it a bit daunting.” “I am beginning to cherry pick some of the elements of each unit as I am finding it increasingly hard to devote the time needed to do the whole lot.” (Halfway through)
  19. 19. Sound bites – Time “I have also been totally overwhelmed by all the emails that have come into my box relating to the course - I don't have time to read a fraction of them so have ended up deleting all of them so I can manage my work load better.”
  20. 20. Learning Activities • too many • too similar • lot of theory • reflective journals
  21. 21. Sound bites - Activities “I just haven't had the time to complete all the activities - which whilst useful to contribute to a group wiki were getting a bit samey...” “I haven't managed to complete all the tasks, however, as there were so many!”
  22. 22. Content • lots of it • different delivery formats • lots to think about
  23. 23. Sound bites - content “I just do not like theory” (unit 3) “My final thoughts on the module are wow, that was useful, relevant and really helpful in planning the session” (unit 4) “The planning grid method is one that I will be using again as it helps me to clarify my thoughts and provide some semblance of structure”
  24. 24. Communicating • contradictory views – love the discussion forums – dislike the discussion forums • too public • not confident on sharing ideas / viewpoints • didn’t like this style of learning
  25. 25. Sound bites - Communication “Seems limited conversation going on though...” (March 2010) “I enjoyed using the discussion forum to hear and offer a variety of viewpoints ” “proving to be an excellent source of helpful tips from other participants” I think the wiki and the discussion forums would be useful tools if only more people contributed”
  26. 26. Sound bites - Communication “There is a lot of online/forum discussion which as I may have mentioned before I find rather intimidating”
  27. 27. Motivation & engagement • varied hugely • what’s in it for me? • do I need this? • not a high priority
  28. 28. Sound bites – Motivation “I suppose the main problem is, if I'm honest, is a lot of these things don't interest me. I know I have to keep up-to-date with my working environment, but I feel my only strength is the customer service side of my job and being one-to-one with the students or delivering training sessions, not investigating the latest Wiki account or blogs etc”
  29. 29. Librarians as teachers • I’m a librarian … • Confidence • It’s an academic thing • Knowledge
  30. 30. Sound bites – teachers “…not being a teacher who contributes to the university grading process means that I feel awkward about it. I usually try to make them as short and painless as possible!” “This is mainly due to a lack of confidence in talking about things that i do not fully understand” “As I don't do that much teaching - that's through choice due to confidence factor”
  31. 31. BUT…. “I really enjoyed the course and really, really hope it can be rolled out more widely, I think it would be a very valuable course to undertake.” “I thought it was an excellent course”
  32. 32. What next? • still undertaking evaluations on the pilot • identify lessons learnt and reflect! • how do we develop SirLearnalot?
  33. 33. Available from FREE under Creative Commons Licence from