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Designing a library e-induction for nursing & midwifery students Joanna Dare & Ceri Laing


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LILAC 2014 Poster

Published in: Education
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Designing a library e-induction for nursing & midwifery students Joanna Dare & Ceri Laing

  1. 1. Challenge To try to meet the demand for information skills training while remaining cost effective and making best use of staff time. Solution An e-learning package backed up with drop-in sessions. Background  History of large number of hours of teaching delivery to the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences.  Intake of more than 300 BSc Nursing and Midwifery students every year, in two cohorts  Expansion of post-registration courses  In total, around 1000 nursing and midwifery students studying at any one time  Students expected to use the Library to find books and journal articles for their assignments right from the very start of their courses  Students have often been out of education for some time and are unfamiliar with online resources. Development of the material  Originally developed for pharmacy who have a similar intake of students  Adapted from the pharmacy material with the substitution of appropriate examples from nursing and midwifery to produce generic material suitable for these programmes  Material tailored further for individual programmes Benefits  Students can work through material at their own pace  Students already familiar with Blackboard  Material available continuously to students throughout their course  Results of pharmacy library module exams show improvement since the launch of the e-learning material  Positive anecdotal feedback from students and academic staff The Future  Expansion of package beyond first year material to cover higher course levels  Plan to migrate materials to a different platform to overcome accessibility issues  Continuous review of materials in order that they continue to be relevant to the programmes they support and maintain quality. Example content Finding books using the Library catalogue Example content Searching a database Pitfalls  Difficulty of importing materials into Blackboard. Formatting is often lost  Balancing the need to break the text up into manageable chunks against making the module easy for students to navigate  Time taken to find suitable examples in order to demonstrate how to search the catalogue, databases etc  NHS firewalls causing accessibility problems for some students using Blackboard  Running out of time for proofreading and testing a walk-through of the package Information skills for nursing students: development of an e- learning package By Joanna Dare, Ceri Laing and Jo Tidswell Directorate of Library and Learning Services De Montfort University An exploration of the practicalities and pitfalls of designing an information skills e-learning package for new Nursing and Midwifery students Start here!