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Crowley & Gale - Teaching systematic reviews


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Poster Abstract

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Crowley & Gale - Teaching systematic reviews

  1. 1. Teaching systematic reviewsClare Crowley, Kings College London, Gale, Kings College London, the start of 2012 Library Services at King’s College London will launch a trainingprogramme to support staff and students conducting systematic reviews. There is anincreasing level of demand for help with reviews from students on taughtpostgraduate, final-year undergraduate courses and NHS staff. Information Specialistare already providing individual guidance for students and researchers so the coursearises naturally out of this and the training materials we already provide. Furtherresearch for the course was carried out by attending academics’ teaching sessions onsystematic reviews and by commissioning a course from York University’s Centre forReviews and Dissemination and the Cochrane Library. Teaching sessions will bethree hours long and will comprise:• a short Powerpoint presentation explaining the background to systematic reviews• a demonstration of some of the databases students might use to search forinformation• analysis of a Cochrane search strategy• a ‘beyond Medline’ section on sources of grey literature, conference proceedings etc• information about how students might use bibliographic software to organise theirsearch results• tips on how students can document their search strategies• practical exercises throughout the sessionStudents have courses on statistics as part of their studies so the aim of the course wasto concentrate on the search process and its documentation. The teaching sessions willfit in well with other Library Service training sessions on Information Retrieval,Bibliographic Software and Critical Appraisal to form a coherent package of coursesand will be supported by a web page and training materials. Pilot courses will be heldin November and December with the courses being launched as an integral part of theCollege’s training programme in the New Year. Our poster will contain material from,and evaluation of, the course and feedback from students.