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Crilly - Things unlimited? (poster abstract)


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Crilly - Things unlimited? (poster abstract)

  1. 1. Things unlimited?Jess Crilly, University of the Arts London, University of the Arts London launched the DIAL project (Digital Integration intoArts Learning) in 2011. DIAL is one of the projects in the JISC Developing DigitalLiteracies programme.DIAL focuses on the development of digital literacies in Arts Higher Education withthe primary goal of improved graduate employability.The project takes a community-based approach, enabling students and staff tosupport each other to realise their aspirations collectively and individually. Variousgroups within the University have self identified to work with DIAL, and LibraryServices is one of those groups. We are focusing on digital information literacy,developing capacity and capability in our own library staff to address the barriersidentified by the DIAL project:1) Ensuring students and staff perceive the relevance of a range of digital literacies totheir own professional and personal lives, so they are motivated to explore andexperiment, activities which are essential to maintaining currency2) Sustaining change cost effectively3) Providing training and development in a context where skills and experience varyenormously within and between groups of students and staff, and where existingskills are hard to diagnose efficiently and accurately.We want to find ways to harness the knowledge and enthusiasm of early adopters inLibrary Services as well as to support staff who want to develop skills further, and toprovide a forum for discussion on incorporating digital tools into our practice: this willthen enhance the ways in which we support and engage with our users.We are working to understand our current levels of skills, and the areas we want todevelop. We are looking at ways of doing this – using the 23 things approach as aninspiration and starting point – to move to things unlimited – a flexible, open, onlinedigital information literacy resource.The paper presents our work in progress.