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Cope & Stuart Edwards - Internal collaboration: Working together to deliver Library and Information Skills Training (LIST)


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Cope & Stuart Edwards - Internal collaboration: Working together to deliver Library and Information Skills Training (LIST)

  1. 1. Elly Cope & Emma Stuart EdwardsInternal collaboration:Working together to deliver Library and InformationSkills Training Sessions (LISTS)
  2. 2. Some background on the University • Originated as a trade school in Bristol in the 1890s • Moved to Bath in the 1960s • Pay a „peppercorn‟ rent • University of Bath awarded its Royal Charter in 1966 • Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths (STEM) • Balance: • 54% male, 46% female • Undergraduate: 10,563 ; Postgraduate: 4,574 Chancellor Lord Tugenhadt paying the literal peppercorn rent
  3. 3. Library structure
  4. 4. Library structure cont.
  5. 5. Development of LISTS• Skills training in existence: • Individual departments approaching library for further training • SU programme SORTED – Student Officer Representative Training, Education and Development programme• Investment in „Turnitin‟ plagiarism software• Development of RITTSS – Research Information Tools Training Seminar Series • Merge with the SORTED programme • PG Skills programme
  6. 6. Current programme
  7. 7. Library Wiki
  8. 8. What’s different 2012-2013• Maternity cover • Moves between Technical Services and Academic Services• More sessions delivered by Information Librarians• Pairings • Technical Services teaching • Technical Services / Academic Services on all sessions• New sessions • Resource Discovery System • SCOPUS• Different approaches brought together
  9. 9. Example: Case study of Primo• Those delivering the presentation developed it together• Used real questions / reading lists to inform content• Commonly asked questions• Anticipated problems
  10. 10. Why we think it was good!• Collaboration • Working with each other!• Knowledge sharing • TS/AS skills brought together• Cross-sector expertise • New catalogue knowledge• Able to deal with surprises • Disabilities • Room booking • Equipment &/or props
  11. 11. External feedbackStudent attendance 2012 programme: 30 25 20 15 10 5 Signed up 0 Attended
  12. 12. External feedback cont.Student feedback for sessions being „useful‟: 12% 0% 0% strongly agree agree neutral 29% disagree strongly disagree 59%
  13. 13. External feedback cont. Student feedback for sessions being „interesting‟: 3% 2% 17% strongly agree agree 46% neutral disagree strongly disagree 32%
  14. 14. External feedback cont.Student feedback for sessions being „enjoyable‟: 2% 2% 22% strongly agree agree 39% neutral disagree strongly disagree 35%
  15. 15. External feedback cont.Examples of student feedback when asked to completethe sentence: “when I finished this session I felt able to…”“…understand better what copyright is and clarify whichmaterial I can use or not in my assignment”“…understand how to be more critical of what I read”“…research my dissertation topic more thoroughly”
  16. 16. Internal feedback• Useful working with TS staff in terms of better working relationships, understanding more about what each other do.• Team-teaching requires collaboration and can be nerve- inducing, so its quite a bonding project.• Great to have fresh pairs of eyes, different perspective.• AS staff very much benefited from the TS staffs technical know- how for the students who do want that kind of info!• Good opportunity for TS staff to teach which opens up other job/career opportunities.• Opportunity to observe and talk through problems students encountered, as in a technical role like mine, its quite easy to lose touch with the end-user experience.
  17. 17. What could improve• Room booking!• Increased dialogue between the Students‟ Union and the Library• Focus on target audience • Undergraduate • Postgraduate Taught• Timing / assignment of sessions • Knowing which session you‟re delivering well in advance• Overhaul of presentations • New examples / content• Booking form questions • Special requirements
  18. 18. What’s next…• Closer collaboration with the Students‟ Union?• More collaboration internally• Consultation with Technical Services on areas of expertise • E.g. asking about Primo for session planning • E-books • E-journals• More LISTS sessions • E-journals • E-books • Mobile technologies
  19. 19. Questions & Contact details Elly Cope @ellycope Emma Stuart Edwards @embrarian