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Coetzer - Taking my LMS for a spin on the mobile information highway


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Poster Abstract

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Coetzer - Taking my LMS for a spin on the mobile information highway

  1. 1. Taking my LMS for a spin on the mobile information highwayLianda Coetzer, University of the Free State, South Africa, resources and services are integral to academia as a primary knowledgeresource for both research and teaching. Aside from traditional print resources e.g.textbooks, encyclopaedias, newspapers and journals, today’s students usetechnological resources such as computer networks, telecommunication systems anddatabases to retrieve information. The technological age has put an unprecedentedvolume of information at our fingertips, but are the students aware of what isavailable, when to use it, and how to find information? In higher education, librariansplay a vital role in the teaching of Information Literacy to students.The University of the Free State, South Africa, is no exception and in 2002 theaccredited Information Literacy Course was launched at the University. Theescalation of the number of students forced the Library to look at additional trainingmethods for the Information Literacy Course. A variety of methods are used inteaching and training for Information Literacy, e.g. lectures, demonstrations andhands-on practice, but E-Learning is gaining very wide publicity as an importantcomponent of almost all aspects of education and training.E-Learning encompasses research, learning and teaching in the digital environment, e-learning includes courses that are offered fully online, courses that mix face-to-faceand online access to instruction and course materials (often called blended learning),and courses in which instructors post notes and material for students or provide accessto online discussion forums on course topics. E-Learning is widely supported oncampus and Blackboard is used as platform to make study material available.Mobile Learning is also gaining ground on campus and is incorporated in the teachingof the Information Literacy module.This paper discusses the E-Learning environment in which the accredited InformationLiteracy course at the University of the Free State, South Africa, is presented. Lessonslearnt will be shared as well as views for future enhancement.