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Chester - Assessing information literacy with PROFiler


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Teachmeet Abstract

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Chester - Assessing information literacy with PROFiler

  1. 1. Assessing information literacy with PROFilerSerena Chester, University of Salford, University of Salford is piloting a diagnostic tool called PROfiler which we areusing to assess and record competencies in Information Literacy, Study skills and ICTliteracy. We think this tool will be of particular benefit for Students transitioning toHE.Students often overestimate their own abilities when it comes to Information Literacy.We need students to realise this at an early stage of their University life so that theyengage in all the help we provide.The intention of the pilot project is that new and existing students undergo thediagnostic test. They can then see in which areas they need help to address and skillsgaps identified by the test.We have selected pilot groups in different subject areas and at different levels of studyincluding a cohort of our “Skills for Higher Education” local Further EducationCollege students who attended a pre-university course during the summer.Some of the benefits of the diagnostic test are  Students are made very aware of where they lack information literacy skills by the tests and will be more likely to engage in information literacy sessions  We can offer more individualised training to students where they can be directed to on-line resources to help them in addition to face to face sessions  Preparing students to be independent learners by putting learning in their own handsDepending on the success of the pilot we hope to introduce to the whole institution.The student’s progression can be tracked from their initial test at entry and thenthrough any training they receive with further diagnostic tests being implemented ateach level. This enables the student to chart their own progress and also enables thelibrary staff to direct our resources to where they are most needed.