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Here's one you made earlier - Coveney, Mears, Kassem, Kontou


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Presented at LILAC 2019

Published in: Education
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Here's one you made earlier - Coveney, Mears, Kassem, Kontou

  1. 1. Here’s one you made earlier Reframing digital literacies in the language of employers Presenters: Cheryl Coveney Hossam Kassem
  2. 2. 2 Time to discuss and reflect • Time to consider the language of digital and information literacy and identify overlaps with employability • An opportunity to reflect on the language your institutions use in digital literacy development, and reframe it with an increased focus on employability from the employer’s and the student’s perspective. Learning outcomes
  3. 3. 3 SCONUL’S 7 Pillars of digital literacy SCONUL
  4. 4. METRO MAP
  5. 5. Employability and DIL • Delivering guidance for qualification and module teams on how DIL supports generic employability skills, e.g. IT, communication, problem-solving, team-working • Showing how DIL is relevant to different professions • Working with Careers and Employability colleagues.
  6. 6. 6 Supporting Employability with Digital and Information Literacy (DIL) skills
  7. 7. And now for the workshop ..talking the same language?
  8. 8. Mind your language! How do the language and concepts outlined on the cards, or in your own framework match up with the language use in the job description? Are we delivering the right skills? Match the skills on the cards to the job description in front of you Feel free to write on the job descriptions or the cards Or write your own cards
  9. 9. Dear Human Resources… Put yourselves in the position of your student persona Write part of an application for the job you have in front of you explaining how the skills you have learned make you a suitable candidate for the post Use the information you have in the persona brief as well as the cards you have matched in the first part of the exercise
  10. 10. Cheryl Coveney Senior Library Manager Hossam Kassem Learning and Teaching Librarian Wendy Mears Learning and Teaching Librarian