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Buckley Woods - Activate your journal club (teachmeet abstract)


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Buckley Woods - Activate your journal club (teachmeet abstract)

  1. 1. Activate your journal clubHelen Buckley Woods, University of Sheffield, problem:The arguments for adopting an evidence-based approach to our work have been welldocumented. Engaging with research evidence enriches our practice and can help usdevelop better services. Library and Information professionals engage with researchliterature when doing their own research, preparing teaching materials or as part ofcurrent awareness activities. A common method to engage with research is to havea discussion group or journal club. Journal clubs vary greatly in their format andoutput, but always involve some kind of discussion of a research paper. Afterattending a number of discussion sessions, which were typically passive in natureand lacked focus, a solution from IL teaching suggested itself.Aims and objectives of the presentation:This presentation will outline the pilot of a journal club, which used active learningmethods. The facilitator will share how the papers were chosen in order to encouragediscussion, how the group was organised and how the sessions were evaluated.Practical tips on running a journal group in this way will be shared from both thefacilitator and participants’ perspectives. Interim results from online evaluation andplans for the journal club will also be presented.