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How to create a perfect LILAC blossom - Sam Aston & Jacqui DaCosta


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Presented at LILAC 2015

Published in: Education
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How to create a perfect LILAC blossom - Sam Aston & Jacqui DaCosta

  1. 1. How to create the perfect LILAC blossom Sam Aston & Jacqui DaCosta
  2. 2. Preparing to propagate • Call for papers open 6 weeks during Oct/Nov • Papers with reviewers for 2 weeks – Each reviewer receives 3-4 papers – Reviewers are LILAC & ILG committee members past & present and other known IL ‘experts’ • Reviews collated & final decisions made by LILAC Papers Sub-Committee across 2 days • Accept / Amend / Reject emails sent in Dec
  3. 3. From cutting to blossom How many survived the winter of 2014/15? 26% accepted as submitted 41% amended or changed format 33% rejected
  4. 4. Survival rates What were the hardiest blooms during the winter of 2014/15? Posters: 100% Workshops: 89% Symposia: 89% TeachMeet: 74% Long papers: 50% Short papers: 45%
  5. 5. Judge for yourself Let’s take a look at two sample blossoms of the varieties: • Syringa Shortis Paperis • Syringa Workshopus
  6. 6. So what are we looking for? Relevance Originality Clarity Interest Format Methodology
  7. 7. 3 Steps to a perfect blossom 1. Describe the problem and why people should care 2. Outline your approach and your results 3. What are your conclusions and why should people listen to you
  8. 8. Tips for a perfect blossom DO • Read the guidelines on the website • Proofread • Be prepared to make changes or accept a different format • Pay attention to word limit • Try for a catchy title DON’T • Leave it until the last minute! • Overestimate your own health or that of your children, grandmothers or hamsters! • Expect your PC or internet connection to behave perfectly on submission day!
  9. 9. Thank you …and may your LILAC blossoms forever flourish!