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Alderson-Rice - Library treasure hunts at the University of Kent


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Teachmeet Abstract

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Alderson-Rice - Library treasure hunts at the University of Kent

  1. 1. Library treasure hunts at the University of KentJane Alderson-Rice, University of Kent, University of Kent library service is converting from Show and Tell to TreasureHunt style induction workshops. The students go round the library in small groupswith a list activities to complete and items to locate. All first year induction inSeptember 2011 was delivered by this method.Reasons for Change of Direction: Students were struggling to use the library, andthe existing induction programme was not hitting the spot. Many new undergraduateshad difficulty navigating from catalogue to shelf. In the past, take up rates for libraryinduction have not been high enough to tackle these problems effectively.Objectives:1To make library induction memorable and easy to apply, as we only see thesestudents for 1 or 2 hours per year.2. To provide a minimum level of information literacy to at least 90% of the studentpopulation.Training ContentFirst Year Induction: Students attend in subject groups, booked in by departments.Librarians briefly demonstrate the catalogue, then sort the students into groups of 4and give each group an activity sheet containing tasks which are tailored to the subjectarea. The students work their way round the library completing the activities. Staffare positioned round the library to give help at every stage.Examples of tasks 1. Catalogue searching 1. Physically locate a book in the Main Collection 2. State which zone they are in (silent, quiet etc) 3. Find the classmark for a given title in the Core Text Collection 2. E-books 1. Locate the e-book for a given title 2. Find the title of chapter 2 3. Self service machines 1. Issue a book 2. Return a book 4. Locate service points of different types 1. Distinguish between enquiry and circulation desksBenefits: The activities demystify the library and make library knowledge easier toabsorb. This is a sociable way of working for new students, and they meet 8-10library staff whilst completing the activities, which makes the library moreapproachable. Students are more willing to ask questions when they are working insmall groups. Take-up has increased in some subject areas.