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Adams Llewellyn & Oberlander - Entitlement: what does your title entitle you to?


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Adams Llewellyn & Oberlander - Entitlement: what does your title entitle you to?

  1. 1. Killer TitlesUsing Entitlement: A tool for promoting discussion around therelationships between a research papers content, citations,abstract and titleDr Viccy Adams - Leverhulme Trust Writer in Residence at the School ofInformatics, Edinburgh UniversityClare Llewellyn - PhD Student, School of Informatics, Edinburgh University
  2. 2. Why is a title important?• Signpost• Hook• Name
  3. 3. How to Build an Automatic Title Generator?• Investigate general title structure• Investigate titles in the Computer Science domain• Build a rule based text generator (or borrow one)• Use a grading system to score title produced
  4. 4. Title Investigation3 main types of title:Declarative"Adipose gene expression prior to wait loss can differentiateand weakly predict dietary response"Descriptive / neutral"A worldwide phylogeography for the human X chromosome"Interrogative"Is there rearrangement hotspots for the human genome?" Most common type of title is descriptive
  5. 5. General Facts:• Titles which are questions lead to more downloads but less citations of the papers• Longer titles generally mean less downloads (slightly)• Titles with colons tend to be longer which leads to fewer downloads and citations* o (but the number of words and the use of colons increased 1981-2001)• The use of a colon and acronym lead to more citations• Including a country name means less citations• Humour means less citations, but more enjoyment - because of a lower perception of credibility• Pleasantness means more citations• Google gives higher weighting to title words but not keywords
  6. 6. Investigation: ComputerScienceBased on 10, 000 article titles in the Computer Science Category fromarXiv.orgStatistical and part of speech analysis to this textAverage length of title = 8.91 words
  7. 7. Common Sentence StructureNoun Phrase Verb Noun PhraseNoun Phrase Preposition NounDeterminer Noun Preposition Noun PhraseVerb Noun Phrase Preposition Noun PhraseAdjective Noun Preposition Noun PhraseCommon NounsImage, evaluation, study, time, search, logic, network, design, method,algorithmCommon AdjectivesParallel, intelligent, global, large, polynomial, new, complex, local,distributedCommon Punctuation ! 10 ? 139 . 9955
  8. 8. Dr Viccy Adams: vsadams@gmail.comClare Llewellyn: