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A great IDEA for integrating information literacy in academic courses - Kimberley Mullins


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Presented at LILAC 2016

Published in: Education
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A great IDEA for integrating information literacy in academic courses - Kimberley Mullins

  1. 1. + Kimberly Mullins Instructional Design Librarian Long Island University A Great IDEA for Integrating Information Literacy in Academic Courses
  2. 2. + Session Goals  Describe the IDEA model  Illustrate real-life application  Discuss how to adapt the model to meet your instructional needs
  3. 3. + IDEA Model An instructional design (ID) approach to effectively integrating information literacy content into courses. Foundations in the generic ISD/ADDIE design model, behavioral theory, and cognitive (load) theory. Useful for:  Librarians who want ID knowledge  IDs who want IL knowledge  Faculty and school teachers who want both ID or IL knowledge
  4. 4. + IDEA Model Flow
  5. 5. + Interview Phase
  6. 6. + Interview Phase
  7. 7. + Interview Phase
  8. 8. + Design Phase
  9. 9. + Design Phase
  10. 10. + Embed Phase
  11. 11. + Embed Phase A Great IDEA for Integrating Information Literacy in Online Academic Courses Kimberly Mullins Ebook: APA style guide to electronic references /articles/1813783.235/1 .PDF Embed in Course LIU credentials Asynchronous Screencast tutorial on effective database search strategies m/watch?feature=playe r_embedded&v=EoOg OddzVNg Libguide Resource Open Internet APA Tutorial and Reference Tool ( http://www.apastyle.or g/learn/tutorials/basics -tutorial.aspx Libguide Resource Open Internet Flash-based APA Video Tutorial http://www.apastyle.or g/learn/index.aspx Libguide Resource Open Internet Recognizing and Avoiding Plagiarism (OpenStax CNX) 3817577d-09e1-416c- 9dc8-822319cebd5a@2 Libguide Resource Must create free account Web & Mobile app Easybib Subscription (Web & Mobile App) Libguide Resource LIU credentials Web & Mobile App B) Course materials that require development or modification: Material Development or Modification Plan Syllabus and Course Overview Instructor and Librarian will: Modify course calendar Add IL resources (website and libguide link) and important information (remote access) Describe embedded librarian role Add librarian direct contact information Online “synchronous” class pl an Librarian will create a lesson plan for the class that covers: Database searching techniques Overview to library resources and libguide Course Level Libguide Librarian will: Add resources and information listed above Add library services information (RBA,Chat, email, ILL) CMS Embed direct links to course content (instructor & librarian) Add research Q & A discussion board (librarian) Embed course level libguide (librarian)
  12. 12. + Assess Phase
  13. 13. + Assess Phase
  14. 14. + Assess Phase
  15. 15. + Information Overload?
  16. 16. + Lessons Learned It is most effective and efficient to integrate information literacy (greatest ROI) in courses that:  “Virtual” seat time  Limited access to physical library  Significant research requirements  Frequently implemented  Reasonable development time frames  May be applied to other closely related courses  Students that may require additional support (gap years, Veterans, International)  Motivated and collaborative faculty
  17. 17. + Questions