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Smart Ports Market – Global Forecast up to 2025


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Smart ports are automated ports that use high-end smart technologies including AI, IoT, Big Data, and blockchain for improving performance and efficiency of the shipping industry. Smart ports record and monitor data and utilizes them to take better decisions. Growth in trade worldwide due to economic liberalization has led to an increase in the size of freighter ships for accommodating more cargo. With the size of freighter ships getting high, ports must adapt their planning based on the requirement, which is easier if digitalization is implemented.

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Smart Ports Market – Global Forecast up to 2025

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  3. 3. Market Snapshot Page 1 • The global smart ports market is expected to reach revenue of ~$2 billion by the end of 2025. Get sample pages of the report @ report/?repid=14277
  4. 4. Analyst Opinion Page 4 “Smart ports are the major enablers for autonomous ships. Autonomous ships will require seamless data transmission between the ports. Digitalized port with predictive capability is inevitable for autonomous ships for entering the port and estimating factors including height clearances.” -Arjun Das, Research Analyst, Infoholic Research
  5. 5. Market Characteristics Page 3 Drivers  Need for reducing cost and increasing efficiency at ports. Restraints o Cybersecurity-related threats. Opportunities  Development of autonomous ships
  6. 6. Page 4 Market and Region Segmentation 6%  Europe generated a significant share in the global smart ports market due to growing investment for smart ports in Western Europe. Access full report summary @
  7. 7. Page 6 Leading Players *illustrative
  8. 8. Assumptions Page 8 • All macroeconomic parameters are expected to remain constant during the forecast period. • The exchange rates are assumed to be constant during the forecast period. Get sample pages of the report @ sample-report/?repid=14277
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