Benefits of data visualization


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Data visualization is a complex set of processes which is like an umbrella that covers both information and scientific visualization simultaneously. We can’t ignore the benefits of data visualization for its accurate quantities, as it is easily comparable. It also lends valuable suggestion pertaining to the usage of its technique and tools. Scientifically its effectiveness lies in our brain's ability to maintain a proper balance between perception and cognition through visualization.

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Benefits of data visualization

  1. 1. Data visualization is a complex set of processeswhich is like an umbrella that covers bothinformation and scientific visualizationsimultaneously. We can’t ignore the benefits of datavisualization for its accurate quantities, as it is easilycomparable. It also lends valuable suggestionpertaining to the usage of its technique and tools.Scientifically its effectiveness lies in our brainsability to maintain a proper balance betweenperception and cognition through visualization.
  2. 2. With the sudden increase of thousands ofcompanies with their product, theresponsibilities of data visualization is everon the increase as an essentialcomponent of business intelligence. This iswhy companies are hiring expertdesigners having visualization skills. Thesignificant messages in data arepresented in the patterns and its trends,gaps and outliers.
  3. 3. This is the most interesting part for which we aredragged into it and grip it firmly forcomprehending it more quickly rather than rawnumbers alone. Visualization is so powerful andeffective that it can change someone’s mind in aflash.One of the most important benefits ofvisualization is that it encompasses various dataset quickly, effectively and efficiently and makesit accessible to the interested viewers. Itmotivates us to a deep insight with quick access.
  4. 4. It gives us opportunity to approach huge dataand makes it easily comprehensible, be it thefield of entertainment, current affairs, financialissues or political affairs. It also builds in us adeep insight, prompting us to take a gooddecision and an immediate action if needed.This could be related to child education, peoplesuffering from health issues, market research ofa product, rainfall in a specific geographicalarea and many others.
  5. 5. Another scope of data visualization is that ithas emerged in the business world lately asgeo-spatial visualization.
  6. 6. The popularity of geo-spatial visualization hasoccurred due to lot of websites providing webservices, attracting visitor’s interest. This type ofbusiness needs to take advantage of locationspecific information which is already present inthe system in the form of customer‘s zip codeproviding better daily analysis experience. Thistype of visualization adds a new dimension tothe figures and helps in better understanding ofthe matter.
  7. 7. The leading benefit of Data visualization isthat it not only provides graphicalrepresentation of data but also allowschanging the form, omitting what is notrequired, and browsing deeper to getfurther details. This is a great eye catcherand attracts our attention better andprovides better communication. Thisprovides a great advantage over traditionalmethods. Visual analytics will provide greatbenefit to business houses.
  8. 8. With the help of it data can be viewed inmultiple ways effectively by dividing datafindings. It provides an additional sense to thedata by making patterns.Data visualization provides a perfect balancebetween visual appeal and practicality. It helpsto provide better efficiency in the presentedinformation. This form helps in quickunderstanding of data and reduces confusionand doubts.
  9. 9. In conclusion, I must say that we canutilize the full benefit of datavisualization if we pay requiredattention to it. Sometimes too manycolors create visual noise, where youcan’t measure properly. Hence the onlylimitation to taking advantage of datavisualization is unskilled eyes.