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Infogram - Infographic


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Infogram is a visual communication tool that lets anyone easily create a huge variety of interactive reports, infographics, maps and social media images.
Our goal is to help marketers, journalists and other business professionals create their data stories - no design or coding experience required.

Infogram has been adopted by a wide variety of customers, including leading media companies, Fortune 500 companies, government and educational institutions across the globe.
Executives, marketers, journalists, teachers and students choose Infogram to make reports, infographics, internal communications, marketing materials and much more.

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Infogram - Infographic

  1. 1. Turn raw numbers into stunning visual stories 4M happy users Interactive Maps Infographics Social Media Visuals Dashboards & Charts Reports Infogram gives you endless design possibilities. Loved by millions of people around the globe Giving people the power to visualize and share data. from 190countries Engage your audience Communicate data and complex ideas in a memorable and shareable way 90% people spend more time on pages with data visualiizations 34% more shares and likes on social media posts with infographics 28% the number of words people see that they actually read 1.5B visualizations created