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Infogram for Media and Online Publishers


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The way in which we consume news has changed dramatically over the last years. Traditional media face a new set of challenges and opportunities and only the ones who move fast and bold will stay relevant and grow.
Infogram makes it easier to journalists and media professionals to communicate data and complex ideas in a visually engaging way.
It’s time to reimagine your data visualization strategy!

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Infogram for Media and Online Publishers

  1. 1. The data visualization platform for online publishers You are in the game of grabbing people’s attention and getting readers coming back for more. We are in the game of helping you make that happen while saving you time and money. Trusted by some of the largest newsrooms and editorial teams What you want Maintain your audience attention and engagement 90% of readers spend more time on pages with interactive charts or infographics and 34% have shared them more often on Social Media. Read case study from DC Thomson. Create content faster Leverage the data you own Publishing made easy Maintain brand consistency Return on investment Empowered team Infogram helps newsrooms make faster data visualizations by simplifying the content creation process. “Where some projects would have in the past taken a day or two, it now takes us 15 minutes to get the same job done.” − Matt Martell, Fairfax Media Read success story from Fairfax Media. Easily import all the data you need. Upload a spreadsheet, connect to a cloud service or access your content via API. We have different solutions for all of your data needs. Publish across all platforms and screens. Add data visualizations to your articles easily with our responsive embeds. Download as high-quality images PDF, PNG, GIF or even interactive HTML exports if you want to self-host your charts and graphs. We support Facebook Instant Articles, Medium and integrate with various CMS systems. We’ll craft a unique theme with branded colors, logo and fonts that match your company style guidelines. Save your design team some time, freeing them up to focus on bigger high impact work. Our customers experienced up to 500% ROI by enabling and empowering journalists to create and recreate top quality data visualizations. We offer personalized training and priority support to ensure you get the full value of our tool. Our team management tool is built to reflect the everyday news outlet workflow, providing full control over creating and publishing visual content. Define different access levels and privacy controls while having 100% control over your assets. +1 650 729 1672 Request a trial How Infogram can help