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Infrastructural Development Plan for TN Vision 2023


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This infography features the infrastructural development plans for TN Vision 2023 to make Tamil Nadu the prosperous nation with word-class facilities. Visit for more information.

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Infrastructural Development Plan for TN Vision 2023

  1. 1. Water & Sanitation Piped and pressurized 24x7 ‘I I T'* I II water supplies ":3 . Housing , 25 lakh affordable houses for F to create hut free villages and slum free cities hug; V -T»- "I I 7 E I Healthcare Quality healthcare facility throughout the state
  2. 2. Education Attain universal secondary education with 50% increase in college enrolments Ports Expand ports to exceed 150 million tonnes per annum including 15mn TEU of container capacity. Airport Build to handle a total capacity of 80m passengers per annum across all airports in the state Urban transport Integrated multimodal urban transport including mass transit systems for faster mobility Roads & highways - 2000 km of 6-8 lane expressways - 5000 km of 4 lane highways - Double-Ianed highways and with paved shoulders Railways High speed rail corridors for both freight and passenger traffic Telecommunication High speed Optical Fibre Cable (OFC) network enabling broadband connectivity across the state
  3. 3. INVESTMENT TARGET FOR THE SIX BROAD GROUPS OF INFRASTRUCTURE SECTORS AORKUIJURI NUMAN DEVELOPMENT / In Infugraphy by, Inlunnunn C 0- A E 0. rail: ‘.3 II II --. .pHpp3I‘u. .-nau---n.3I'g A I A I'I III lulllil-IlVII ‘ ; ;', ;:; ,;, °k supportaiadmlnorg [’__‘___j supporumdmk