15 overlooked reasons why you are not pregnant.


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Showing simple ways of improving chances of getting pregnant

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15 overlooked reasons why you are not pregnant.

  1. 1. 15 Overlooked Reasons Why You Are Not Pregnant.15 Overlooked Reasons Why You Are Not Pregnant. And How You Can In Two Months Time. Kolawole Bisiriyu Brought To You By http://infertiltysolutionsng.info/special_offer.htm http://infertiltysolutionsng.info/special_offer.htm
  2. 2. 15 Overlooked Reasons Why You Are Not Pregnant.You have no right to edit the content of this book but you are free to giveaway. http://infertiltysolutionsng.info/special_offer.htm
  3. 3. 15 Overlooked Reasons Why You Are Not Pregnant.Time flows and already the year is getting midway. How long you have beentrying to conceive, but with the questions being asked and my interaction withwomen around and online, I discovered that there are 15 basic reasons why youcan’t conceive and once that is addressed, pop something happens. But before Iget down to business. I want to say a few things.Because you have not conceived in more than one year in marriage does notmean you are infertile. About 70% of women under 30 years conceive withoutmuch ado in Nigeria and 10% may conceive much later, another 15% after someyears may be due to some factors and the remaining 5% hmmm.Infertility is not normal and common, I see ladies in Nigeria many of them goingthrough series of abortions, in fact there is a lady I know that had 9 abortions inher previous relationships and had no problems bringing forth children when shegot married in her late 30’s. So abortions may not necessarily be an issue.I discovered that many couples and women alike say “God time is the best” or goout to all manner of places seeking help from churches, herbalist, occultic places,doctors and end up wasting a hell of money and still the baby is not forthcoming.If you are jumping around looking for a baby please stop doing that I read recentlyof a woman that paid a prophetess in different hard currencies, dollars, pound,euro, tunes of tens of millions so that she will be able to conceive a “gold platedchild”. What for? That brings me to the first reason.ANXIETY: Why are you anxious, do you make babies? God does that, there is aprovision in nature that arranges conception. If you are so worried about having achild, I can bet with everything. You may not have one. Anxiety really plays anactive role preventing you from conceiving. Many ladies because of their ugly pastbegin to get scared when they are about to get married, tension takes over.After marriage it is either they are struggling to conceive or they conceive andmiscarriage follows. Why? Anxiety, be anxious for nothing as there is a provisionfor you to have your baby, so relax baby.Anxiety can lead to a cankerworm of complications beginning with stress. http://infertiltysolutionsng.info/special_offer.htm
  4. 4. 15 Overlooked Reasons Why You Are Not Pregnant.Another reason why many are still not near conception is.WRONG TIMING: There is time for everything under the sun. In a woman’s cyclewhich on the average is about 28days.The cycle begins immediately after themenstrual flow. For the first 10 to about 14 days she is infertile as this is a periodof egg formation. Then comes the ovulation period which is the fertile period.This is usually about 3-5 days in which she can conceive if love is made.Afterovulation, the fertile phase begins to thin out into the infertile phase and thencomes another menstrual period.In essence, the woman has on the average 5- 6 days in which she is fertile. It isimportant that you know when you are ovulating so that you can take advantageof your fertile period.Many just make love anytime thinking that conception will come, big joke, whatmakes you think that all the days you have been making love where actually yourfertile days.The best time to make love for conception is around your “baby dancing” periodthat is ovulation period. It comes midway of the monthly cycle and that is aroundthe 14th day of the cycle. Not everyone, though a it varies and is dependent onthe individual. But there are ways for to know that you are near ovulation.i. Presence of thick and white cervical fluidii. Increased body temperatureiii. You feel honier during this period.Iv. Cervix will become softer, wetter and harder to reach thereby feeling open totouch. When it is softest and hardest to reach then you are ovulating.Lubrication: Nigerians generally have had issues with lubrication when it is timefor penetration. I’ve personally used Vaseline for lubrication but when Idiscovered that it was bad I stopped it without being told.Many Nigerians use Vaseline for lubrication. The fact is that Vaseline kills thesperms cells even before it enters the cervix. Simple truth. http://infertiltysolutionsng.info/special_offer.htm
  5. 5. 15 Overlooked Reasons Why You Are Not Pregnant.Soap residue also can also prevent conception. Having your hands not properlyrinsed after wash or not having the genital area properly rinsed beforelovemaking will ruin your chances of conception.Saliva is another sperm killer. Oral sex before the main thing will spoil chances asthere will be residue of saliva on the genital before penetration. I know you havenot heard this before. But it is damn true.These are just a few. Keep it short and simple (KISS) IF YOU HAVE TO USELUBRICATION PLEASE USE WARM WATER INSTEAD.Yeast Infection: I have come to realize that many people today are nottoo conscious of what they are doing until something happens. Yeast infectioncan arise from unsafe sanitary places. This will inhibit conception. Example is thetoilet infection. Once there is an infection especially having smelly discharge fromthe genital. It will be difficult to conceive. How?Any sperm cell that attempts to advanced will be killed by the infection.Alcohol – Alcohol can affect hormonal highs and lows in your body and this couldaffect your menstrual cycle and ovulation. Chronic alcohol consumption can causebirth defects. For men, alcohol has a negative effect on sperm production. Reduceor completely avoid alcohol.Medications – Every little thing that happens to your body, you run to a doctor orto a pharmacy especially the road side. There are several prescription medicationsthat can affect male fertility, most of them temporarily but sometimespermanently.Arthritis medication, depression drugs, high blood pressure medication, drugs fordigestive problems as well as antibiotics and cancer drugs are just a few of themedications that can lead fertility problems. Speak to your doctor if you aretaking any of these medications.Avoid buying painkillers such as ibuprofen and aspirin which can effect the abilityof the embryo to implant into the womb. Instead use acetaminophen or http://infertiltysolutionsng.info/special_offer.htm
  6. 6. 15 Overlooked Reasons Why You Are Not Pregnant.Paracetamol, which are fine. Antihistamines, which dry up cervical mucus andhave a damaging effect on sperm must also be avoided.A word is enough for the wise.Drugs – Marijuana, cocaine and other so-called “recreational” drugs can causemiscarriage, premature delivery and brain damage to the baby.Men who smokemarijuana frequently have significantly less seminal fluid, a lower total spermcount and their sperm behave abnormally.Caffeine – High caffeine levels are thought to cause decreased fertility in women.If you’re trying to conceive, you might benefit from reducing your intake of drinksthat contain caffeine. Although the research is mixed, one study reported as littleas one cup of coffee a day can cut your chances of conception in half. Caffeinealso raises the risk of miscarriage. For men, it is best to reduce caffeine intake aswell.Hot tubs – While it may seem romantic to indulge in a dip in the hot tub, it couldruin your chance at conception. The high temperatures can impact sperm two tothree months in advance, so a single quick jaunt can ruin your chance to conceivefor an entire quarter of the year!Women should also avoid this type of intense heat due to possible negativeeffects on her eggs.Weight issues – Surprise – twelve percent of all infertility cases stem from weightissues. If you are significantly underweight from poor eating or over exercising,you won’t menstruate, since a minimum of 22 percent body fat is necessary fornormal ovulation and reproductive health.On the other side, being overweight can alter hormone chemistry and helpprevent conception. The good news is gaining or losing the weight,as the casemay be, quickly restores fertility.Too much exercise – Female athletes often have trouble conceiving because ofmenstrual cycle disorders. If you’re an avid exercise fanatic and you have irregularcycles, cut back to moderate exercise only. http://infertiltysolutionsng.info/special_offer.htm
  7. 7. 15 Overlooked Reasons Why You Are Not Pregnant.Cell Phones - Using a hands-free device with a cell phone may affect male fertilityif the phone is kept too close to the testicles. Men who use hands-free devicesoften carry their cell phones in their pants pocket or clipped to their belts at thewaist while talking.As a result, they may be exposing their testicles to damaging radio frequencyelectromagnetic waves which can impair sperm quality.Junk Food: I know I am hitting someone hard here. Many ladies today lived thesweetest of their adult life eating junks from Mr Biggs and the likes. At least Iknow of many of them when I was in school.But the truth be told, junk foods will militate against your chances of conceiving.How? Too much sugar, carbohydrate intake will deprive the body of the necessarynutrients needed for the proper balance of the body.As it will interfere with the metabolism of the essential fatty acids you need and itwill go ahead to create hormonal imbalance.Diet - Crash dieting and binge eating i.e. eating in a very disordered manner. Youhave just eating rice, semo comes you on it not after,poundy passes by, you stopover to have a bite, see roasted corn “I go chop”. This habit should also beavoided both before and during your pregnancy as it can have harmful effects onyour hormonal levels.You have in your kitty 15 reasons why your pregnancy is not in view.Knowing thereasons is one thing getting a solution is another thing and getting pregnant isanother.So how can you get pregnant in two months time?Long before (3yrs before) I got married, I had been interested in this topicbecause it was becoming rampant and embarrassing. I was not scared that I couldbe a victim but I just wanted to be ready by getting informed. http://infertiltysolutionsng.info/special_offer.htm
  8. 8. 15 Overlooked Reasons Why You Are Not Pregnant.I took time to know the causes of infertility primary and secondary infertility andhow it can be corrected. I was shocked to discover that many of the infertilityproblems encountered today was that many people lacked knowledge.For example, a woman that did not conceive for about three years in marriage willseek a medic or traditionalist and will go through various test and medicationsjust alleviate her worry. The medic or the traditionalist makes some money andshe becomes more expectant.Some women will have to go through sessions that can not be disclosed toanybody.That bad!Listen to me, if you worry a lot no matter where you go you to,you may notconceive. If you eat too many junks, the same applies. If you have yeast infectionthen forget it.We tend to spend too much money and waste so much time when many of thesorting out can be done by ourselves. And this can be done if you have the basicknowledge.For example we know that fasting is for spiritual reasons but do you also knowthat you can use fasting to detoxicate your body system and stay free from toxinsand ultimately improve your chances of conceiving?.Back to my story, I read articles,bought fertility books, and began to devourthem.Many of those things I discovered will never be told by a doctor. I gathereda lot of knowledge that when I met my wife I started preparing her for the journeyahead.And when we married there was no problem conceiving because we were armedwith useful knowledge which we applied. Among the fertility products I studiedincludes two that stands out.Pregnancy Miracle By Lisa Olson at http://www.pregnancymiracle.com andPathway To Pregnancy by Beth Kiley at www.tipsgettingpregnant.comTwo great products I must admit. http://infertiltysolutionsng.info/special_offer.htm
  9. 9. 15 Overlooked Reasons Why You Are Not Pregnant.These two products are not similar but will show you how to stay fertile and haveyour babies naturally whenever you are ready to have them.I have been really blessed by these products and I can say authoritatively thathaving children naturally cannot be easier. It will save you thousand of Nairajumping from one place to another.I will make these two products and all its bonuses available for a limited timeonly.For only N7,000 you are getting this products worth $39 + $34 .97 = $73. 97Which tranlates to N11,835.20 ( N160 to $1)That means I will bear N4,835 to make your dream come through in 2012.You can order for the products right away.To get this two products Pathway To Pregnancy and Pregnancy MiraclePay the sum of N7,000 to any GTBank NationwideAccount Name: Kolawole BisiriyuAccount Number: 0022087327You can order for the pregnancy miracle only for N6, 240 only.And the Pathway To Pregnancy for 5,595.20 only. If you have to pick them upindividually.After making your payments (with your Name) send the following details to meeither through sms (which is the fastest) or via expertkolawole@gmail.com. • Your name. • Your payment details. • Your e-mail address. http://infertiltysolutionsng.info/special_offer.htm
  10. 10. 15 Overlooked Reasons Why You Are Not Pregnant.Within 30 minutes (Time for me to buy them for you) I will contact you via smsthat your order has been dispatched to the e-mail address you gave me..This will definitely be your greatest investment this year.Moreover I will be very glad to talk to you, call me on 08036169013 or08155442307 or send me a mail to expertkolawole@gmail.comIn conclusion just stop jumping about and taking medications that may ruin yourchances of conceiving. Go for knowledge and apply them.Remain ever blessed.Kolawole Bisiriyu.08155442307 http://infertiltysolutionsng.info/special_offer.htm