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Successful Search Engine Marketing in Asia: China, Japan & Korea


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Presentation at Search Engine Strategies NY

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Successful Search Engine Marketing in Asia: China, Japan & Korea

  1. 0Successful Search Engine Marketing in Asia:China, Japan & Korea March 26, 2013
  2. 1 Personal BackgroundName: Rohan YamagishiProfessional Background: SEM for 10 Years in AsiaPosition: CEO of Info Cubic JapanOverseas Experience: Previously resided in America (Minnesota, Colorado, Massachusetts)
  3. 2 会社概要 Picture with Matt Cutts Published 1st globalSEM book in Asia
  4. 3Why Asia?
  5. 41.1 billion Internet users (44.8% of world Internet users)2.30% of world online ad spending (24.8 billion USD)3.1 USD investment to Asian market returns 1.78 USD
  6. 5 Statistics China Japan KoreaPopulation 1.3 Billion 127 Million 49 MillionInternet Users 530 Million 100 Million 40 MillionPenetration Rate 39% 79% 81%Online Ad Spending 8.1 Billion USD 10 Billion USD 1.7 Billion USDTop Search Engine Baidu Yahoo! Japan Naver
  7. 6Japan
  8. 7Japanese Search Engine Share
  9. 8Tips for Japan SEM- Yahoo! Japan shares Google Algorithm (SEO)- Yahoo! Japan uses AdWords’ platform (PPC)- Yahoo! Japan has a display network (like GDN)- Must use Yahoo! and Google for PPC- Google B to B; Yahoo! Japan B to C- Social Media for marketing? Facebook – Good Mixi - OK Linkedin – Don’t even think about it
  10. 9China
  11. 10China Search Engine Share
  12. 11Tips for China SEM-Great Firewall of China Understand Baidu PPC logic CRI= Bidding Price × Quality Score-Content is more important than with Google (SEO)- Social Media? No Facebook, no Twitter, no YouTube Facebook → Renren Twitter → Weibo YouTube → Youku
  13. 12Korea
  14. 13Korea Search Engine Share
  15. 14Tips for Korea SEM-All in one SERP interface (image, video, blog, bbs, etc…)- SEO (top 3 or nothing)- PPC (exact match only) • No broad/phrase match • Relatively high CTR- Invest in BBS or blog marketing
  16. 15Dos & Don’tsDos1. Understand market/culture2. Hire local agency or local expert3. Think of Western and Asian markets separatelyDon’ts1. Copy English keywords/ ad copy to Asian market2. Translate (need to transcreate!)3. Hire just native (native SEM professionals!)
  17. 16 Thank you… Any Questions?Please come see us at booth 522