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Audio Visual Elements to Engage Your Audience, David Stout, Swank Audio Visuals


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Discuss display formats, LED technology, touch screen technology, live video communication and engaging your audtience.

Published in: Technology
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Audio Visual Elements to Engage Your Audience, David Stout, Swank Audio Visuals

  1. 1. Audio Visual Elements to Engage Your Audience
  2. 2. Display Format Changes LED Technology Touch Screen Technology Live Video Communication Topics of Discussion Engaging your Audience
  4. 4. Standard Definition vs. Widescreen •Standard Definition (4:3) created in the 1920’s •Widescreen Format (16:9) standard established in 1990 •Content space increase •Both formats are non High Definition •Actual footprint difference • Projection throw distance increase
  5. 5. Standard Definition
  6. 6. Widescreen Format
  7. 7. Widescreen vs. High Definition •High Definition is best quality today •Aspect ratio (16:9) remains the same •Widescreen up to 480p, HD 720p - 1080p •Provides much more detail and color •Cost increase in High Definition • Equipment • Technical staff
  8. 8. High Definition Demo
  9. 9. Progressive Trends •Widescreen Laptop is now standard • PowerPoint default is 16:9 format • Television Broadcast Transmission is now 16:9 format
  10. 10. Presentation Animation •Create active content •Keep audience visually stimulated •Eye catching
  11. 11. Format Demo
  12. 12. Enhanced Presentations •You can project: • One massive image, PowerPoint slide or chart • Several images and/or PowerPoint slides in different areas of the screen • A static image with a video inset • A PowerPoint slide in one area with a website demonstration in another
  13. 13. LED Technology
  14. 14. LED Technology •Light Emitting Diode •Extremely Energy Efficient – GREEN •Light weight, compact – save on shipping – GREEN •Mercury Free – GREEN •Rich Bold Colors
  15. 15. LED Lighting Demo
  16. 16. Touch Screen Technology
  17. 17. Touch Screen Technology •Interactive Presentation Device •Electronic Display •Digital Whiteboard •Sympodium •Directional Signage •Survey’s
  18. 18. Touch Screen Technology •IPad as Presentation Tool
  19. 19. IPad Demo
  20. 20. Live Video Communication
  21. 21. Live Video Communication •Video Tele Conference has become personal •Skype, NetMeeting, WebEx •Facetime
  22. 22. Engaging your Audience
  23. 23. Engaging your Audience •Question and Answer •Texting Q&A •Twitter
  24. 24. Texting Q&A Demo
  25. 25. What Questions do you have? David Stout Area Manager