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[Webinar] Application Development: Getting Started with Big Data


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Learn from Dhruv Bansal, Founder and CSO of Infochimps, in this interactive demo of the Big Data Starter Kit for Developers. Watch the story of discovery unfold in batch and stream processing as we use sample social data and write algorithms on the fly to find business insights - targeting, personalization, segmentation.

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[Webinar] Application Development: Getting Started with Big Data

  1. 1. Application Development: Getting Started with Big Data#appdevbd
  2. 2. Our Cloud Services CUSTOMER APPLICATIONS Custom Applications Business Intelligence Packaged Apps (Java, Python, etc.) (Cognos, BOBJ, Microstrategy) (ERP, CRM, etc.) Data Delivery Cloud Data Management Cloud Hadoop CloudData Integration and Real-Time Analytics Ad-Hoc Query and Interactive Analytics Batch Analytics
  3. 3. Infochimps Enterprise Cloud#appdevbd
  4. 4. Infochimps Enterprise Cloud#appdevbd
  5. 5. What is the Starter Kit? A code repository that defines an application. Runs locally and in the cloud at scale.#appdevbd
  6. 6. Using the Starter Kit for App Dev#appdevbd
  7. 7. Today’s Use Case We’ve released a new product in two test markets (NYC & Chicago). We’ve started running paid ad campaigns in each of these cities. • What city are the web visitors coming from? • Which city is responding better to the ad campaign? • Which city has web visitors that are more likely to buy? (Attribution)#appdevbd
  8. 8. Get theBig Data Starter